Michail Maniatakos Assistant Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering Lab Director
Michail Maniatakos
Nektarios Tsoutsos 5th year Ph.D. Candidate Topic: Privacy-preserving general-purpose computation
Nektarios Tsoutsos
Charalambos Konstantinou 4th year Ph.D. Candidate Topic: Cyber-security of the power grid
Charalambos Konstantinou
Anastasis Keliris 3rd year Ph.D. Candidate Topic: Advanced Persistent Threat development for Industrial Control Systems
Anastasis Keliris
Dimitris Tychalas 1st year Ph.D. Student Topic: TBD
Dimitris Tychalas
Esha Sarkar 1st year Ph.D. Student Topic: TBD
Esha Sarkar
Eduardo Chielle Post-Doctoral Associate Topic: ISA extensions development for accelerating encrypted computation
Eduardo Chielle
Anastasios Bikos Research Assistant Topic: TBD
Anastasios Bikos


Raghad Baiad Research Assistant Topic: Privacy-preserving IP functional verification
Raghad Baiad
Oleg Mazonka Post-Doctoral Associate Topic: Cryptoleq
Oleg Mazonka
Noha Alfergani Post Graduate Summer Research Assistant First position: Johnson & Johnson (Middle East)
Noha Alfergani
Yilkal Abe Research Assistant Topic: Secure Outsourcing
Yilkal Abe
Homer Gamil Undergraduate Research Intern Topic: 3D Printing Security
Homer Gamil
Chen Zhang Research Assistant Current Position: Research Engineer at Masdar Institute
Chen Zhang