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startAD is a full stack entrepreneurial experience based in the UAE

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3rd Annual Angel Rising Investor Education Symposium

Saturday, May 13 2017 at NYU Abu Dhabi

Organized by startAD and VentureSouq

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How to Build an Amazing Website from Scratch

How to Build an Amazing Website from Scratch

Saturday, April 1, 2017

10:00 AM – 3:30 PM

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Digital & Business Literacy

Startup Finance: Basics of Angel Investing

Saturday, April 15, 2017

10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

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startAD Incubator bridges the gap between innovative local and global startups and leading UAE corporations

Offered twice a year for up to 10-15 teams per cycle, the startAD Incubator delivers a thorough 3 month incubation program, including seed investment, meeting space, legal assistance, mentorship and a rigorous training program

startAD is a full stack entrepreneurial experience

startAD is an innovation and entrepreneurship platform offering a full stack entrepreneurial experience for the global startup community. Anchored at NYU Abu Dhabi, startAD supports the entrepreneurship ecosystem through education initiatives and the creation of startups.

Building the UAE Startup Ecosystem

What We Offer

  • Digital and Business Literacy Workshops
  • 5 Day Startup Bootcamp
  • 2 Week Venture Launchpad
  • Incubation Program
  • Prototyping facility
  • Community Education
  • Hackathons
  • Mentorship
  • NYU Global Network

startAD has two components: a forum, which is an educational platform that catalyzes individuals and teams with a defined process and tools to develop a scalable, repeatable and efficient venture; and an incubator, which synergizes local and global startups with major UAE corporations, granting opportunities for shared insights and business viability testing.

startAD Forum strengthens the foundation of the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the UAE by offering skill building workshops, capability development and connections among startup experts.


Our Core Programs

All community members are invited to apply.  Courses are free of charge for accepted applicants.

Digital and Business Literacy

Introductory classes taught by NYUAD Professors and leading professionals aimed at improving individuals’ technical and business skills.

Startup Bootcamp

A 5-day intensive program focused on developing an understanding of basic startup concepts with a focus on key components of a fully functioning business model.

Venture Launchpad

A 2 week-long course aimed at providing the process and tools for teams to develop a comprehensive new venture that is scalable, repeatable and efficient.

Community Programs

Startup Speaker Series

StartAD and Flat6Labs Abu Dhabi partner to bring an interactive educational experience with expert speakers on key entrepreneurship topics.

Tech Tuesdays

In these meetup style sessions we will bring together the tech and startup community to learn from innovators in emerging industries such as FinTech and HealthTech.

Legal Clinic

The startup legal clinic connects the startup community with top global legal professionals to help understand the legal framework for startups in the UAE.


startAD hosts several meetup groups on the NYUAD campus to encourage dialogue around technology and entrepreneurship.

Angel Rising

An annual Investor Education Symposium with the aim to provide Angel Investors the education they need to succeed, grow and mature.

Competitions & Challenges

We support and promote various local and international competitions and challenges involving creativity, innovation and technology.

Upcoming Events

Digital & Business Literacy

Introduction to Raspberry pi

March 25, 2017


This workshop will help participants learn how to use a Raspberry Pi for their own home projects.

Digital & Business Literacy

Building an Amazing Website from Scratch!

April 01, 2017


Learn the basics of how websites work, how to build a site with minimal effort, and the basics of front end programming.

Digital & Business Literacy

(IoT) How to turn a space into a smart one 

April 15, 2017


Participants will be introduced to the basics of space automation (circuits, sensors, actuators, controller) and will also learn how to program amazon echo (Alexa)

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