startAD and Khalifa Fund invite Emirati entrepreneurs to apply for Ibtikari, a six-month incubator aimed at helping technology startups advance their businesses.

Scheduled to take place between September 29, 2018 and March 31, 2019 at NYU Abu Dhabi, Ibtikari is open to startups with at least one UAE National as the founding member. Five teams will be selected based on the proposed concept, potential market reach, and prototype or proof of concept through an online application and in-person interviews.

If selected, you will be given access to startAD’s prototyping facilities and coworking space at NYU Abu Dhabi throughout the duration of Ibtikari. You will also be considered for potential financial support from Khalifa Fund if your startup meets the fund criteria.

Application deadline: August 31, 2018


Ibtikari, meaning “My Innovation” is a comprehensive six-month incubation program helping UAE Nationals scale their technology startups. Organized by Khalifa Fund and powered by startAD, the accelerator and entrepreneurship hub at NYU Abu Dhabi, the highly selective program will accept five startups at the end of a rigorous selection process including an online application followed by in-person interviews.

Ibtikari will include three distinct phases: mentorship, network introductions, and investment evaluation. If selected, you will go through a series of training sessions and one-on-one meetings with Ibtikari’s mentors to build the foundations of your startup. This will be followed by introductions to key corporate partners locally and in New York, prospective clients, and experts in the industry, to help expand your network and advance your business. The incubator’s forth phase will focus on investment evaluation; startAD’s investment advisors will provide detailed actionable feedback on your business model and advise on external investments it could likely attract.

Ibtikari is open to teams including at least one UAE partner. Teams will be selected based on their proposed concept, the startup’s potential market reach, as well as the prototype or proof of concept. Applications open on June 24; the final deadline is August 31, 2018.




  • Get access to startAD’s prototyping facilities and coworking space
  • Receive training and support from Khalifa Fund to develop and advance your startup
  • Gain automatic entry to the highly selective 10-day venture launchpad sprint accelerator
  • Benefit from intensive one on one weekly mentorship sessions
  • Become investor ready with pitching and fundraising training
  • Meet key corporate partners, prospective clients, investors and experts in the industry that can help expand your network and advance your business from the startAD and NYU global network.
  • Get the opportunity to travel to the Unites States and make valuable connections in the global startup community
  • Be considered for financial and non financial support by Khalifa Fund in case the project meets the fund criteria



Startups with

  • At least one member of the founding team is a UAE Partner
  • A technology-enabled concept
  • A promising product or concept with a large addressable market
  • Initially formed teams (at least two founding members)
  • An initial prototype of proof of concept