UAE Security Day – 2016

CCS-AD continues to develop high quality research that addresses challenges relevant to the UAE and region.  The UAE has one of the most advanced Information and communications technology (ICT) infrastructures in the region, as well as a high number of high-tech organizations and enterprises. However, advanced ICT infrastructures are the most vulnerable to threats and to the continuously changing advances in cyber-crime and cyber-warfare. The need for UAE based research in information… Read More

Cyber Security Workshop

The Center for Cyber Security – Abu Dhabi (CCS-AD) continues to develop a high quality research program relevant to the UAE and region.  To address this goal CCS-AD organized a half day series of guest lectures by some of the top researchers in Asia and Europe who work in the broad field of cyber security.  Details Date: April 3, 2016 Location: NYUAD Saadiyat Campus, Humanities Building (A6), Conference Center View map Organized by Nasir… Read More

Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge

A group of four undergraduate students, led by CCS-AD’s Post Doctoral Fellow, Claude Fachkha competed for the first time in the Cyber 9/12 Challenge hosted by the Atlantic Council in Geneva Switzerland this April.  The two day event tested international students in tackling a fictional cyber catastrophe.  The team CCS-AD sent was the only team competing from the MENA (Middle East North Africa) region. NYU Abu Dhabi Student Team William B Held,… Read More

Design for Security: The Hardware-Up Principle

Abstract Simha Sethumadhavan Professor, Computer Science, Columbia University In this talk, I will describe a new design principle for security: the hardware-up principle. Hardware-up security means that systems should be secured starting from hardware instead of the existing popular approach where software layers are secured, assuming that the lower layers are secure when they are not. I will discuss how systems designed for security from hardware-up offer unique advantages unavailable in current protection… Read More