CITIES and CCS Research Program – Call for Proposals 

Following the success of the first two projects (Assessing the Threat Levels of Misinformation Campaigns; Stealthy Attacks on Autonomous Vehicle-based Control Systems and Their Defenses) activated in 2021-2022, the Center for Interacting Urban Networks (CITIES) and the Center for Cyber Security (CCS) at NYUAD are jointly inviting scientific proposals to activate an interdisciplinary research project at the crossroads of both centers. 

The ideal interdisciplinary project should touch on aspects related to cities and cybersecurity and propose research that truly reflects the vision of both CITIES and CCS. To learn more about the two centers, their vision, and research goals, please visit CITIES and CCS. The selected project will receive funding for a two-year post-doctoral position and one full month of summer salary per year to be distributed among the project PIs. Projects should start in September 2022, and will end by August 2024.

In line with the NYUAD vision, this program is designed to foster collaboration among faculty from different research centers and divisions, and it is open to any NYUAD faculty. The proposal must involve two faculty members, with at most one affiliated with either Center (e.g., either a faculty member from each of the two funding centers, a faculty member from one of the two funding centers, and an external faculty member, or two external faculty members). 

Proposals are due by the end of the day on Friday, March 11th, 2022. They are expected to be around three pages long and should follow this template. All proposals will be reviewed by a committee representing both CITIES and CCS, and at most two projects will be selected. 

For any inquiries, please contact,

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