CITIES’ Newsletter

Introducing CITIES

Current estimates by the United Nations anticipate that by 2030 urban areas will hold 60 percent of the world’s population, including over 40 megacities, most located in the global South. Thus, both the benefits and negative externalities associated with urbanization will be unequally shared across countries, or even within cities. This rapid rate of urbanization poses new economic, social, and environmental challenges. Rapidly evolving cities, such as those in the UAE, and the growing needs for mobility, energy, water, and other scarce resources demand new sustainable approaches for the design, development, and management of urban networks.

Inspired by both, Abu Dhabi’s 2030 vision and NYUAD’s signature research themes, the NYUAD’s Center for Interacting Urban Networks (CITIES – مدن) aims to address those challenges. In short, CITIES is an interdisciplinary research center dedicated to advance urban science and promote cutting-edge research that leads to tangible improvements fostering sustainable, resilient, and equitable cities. Read more about the center here.

Meet our team

CITIES brings together faculty members from NYUAD four divisions: Engineering, Science, Social Science, and Arts and Humanities, and a number of post-doctoral researchers and collaborators. They work in close connection with faculty and researchers across NYU Global network and beyond. Discover them here.