CITIES’ Newsletter Issue #1: What Has Happened So Far

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Welcome back to CITIES. Check out a highlight of the main center activities for the academic year 2019/2020

2019/2020 Events

During the first eight months of activities, CITIES organized and participated in a broad range of amazing events, including World Urban Forum 2020, the first international CITIES symposium, several public lectures, and much more. 

Abu Dhabi Smart City Summit (Oct ’19)
Prof. Monica Menendez (Center Director) talked about new avenues for collaboration and partnerships among the government, key industries, and academia to support pilot projects, collect data, and test technologies and solutions. Read more here.

First CITIES Symposium (Nov ’19)
World-renowned international experts gathered for the first time at NYUAD to learn and discuss new ideas for increasing the Livability and Sustainability of our cities.
Read more here.    

Automated Data Sources for Public Transport Systems (Dec ’19)
CITIES and NYUAD proudly hosted Prof. Nigel Wilson (Emeritus – MIT) for a lecture titled: Using Automated Data Sources to improve the performance of Public Transport Systems: a framework and applications.
Read more here.    

A conversation with the Executive Director of the UN-Habitat (Feb ’20)
CITIES hosted Ms. Maimunah Sharif, the Executive Director of the UN-Habitat for a special conversation with the NYUAD and Abu Dhabi communities. Read more here.

WUF 2020 Research Roundtable (Feb ’20)
Prof. Monica Menendez presented CITIES cutting edge research at WUF 2020, the foremost international gathering for exchanging views and experiences on sustainable urbanization and all its ramifications. Read more here.

Tobias Horrocks on Cardboard Architecture (March ’20)
CITIES invited the architect and artist Tobias Horrocks for our community to learn more about its unique artistic style and identity: Cardboard Architecture. Read more here.

Presentation at the NYU Wagner Urban Initiative Workshop
In March 2020, Prof. Pablo Hernandez-Lagos (Center Investigator) presented some of the CITIES research at the Urban Research Day, organized by the NYU Wagner Urban Initiative. Read more here.     

CITIES Research

CITIES promotes excellence in research aiming to real improvements in terms of economic opportunity and growth, safety and security, health and wellness, and the overall quality of everyday life in urban areas, with a particular emphasis on Abu Dhabi and the UAE. CITIES’ research focuses on the interactions between two or more of the following urban layers: the physical layer, which includes physical infrastructure, instrumentation, and networks of devices; the digital layer, which includes data produced by human, devices, and sensors; and the social layer, which includes humans, their interactions, and the social networks that transpire.
Learn more about our research here.

What’s coming next?

Keep your seat belt securely fastened and stay tuned for the Issue #2 of our newsletter! Our upcoming issue will feature a deep dive in one of CITIES main research streams: surface transportation and traffic.