10th Annual NYUAD International Hackathon for Social Good

Focusing on Quantum Computing (QC)

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Dates: March 30, 2022 to April 1, 2022
(Arriving March 29, 2022 and leaving April 2, 2022)


Sana Odeh Affiliated Faculty, NYU Abu Dhabi, Faculty Liaison for Global Programs of Computer Science, and Clinical Faculty, Computer Science Department Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University, New York.

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Sana Odeh, Affiliated Faculty, NYU Abu Dhabi, Faculty Liaison for Global Programs of Computer Science, and Clinical Professor of Computer Science, Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University, New York.

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NYUAD Institute
NYUAD Institute

Tenth Annual NYUAD International Hackathon for Social Good focusing on Quantum Computing

We are excited to announce the 10th annual NYUAD Hackathon for Social Good which will focus on one of the most promising technologies of our time, Quantum Computing (QC). We will form cross-disciplinary global teams building solutions to challenging problems we are facing today using Quantum Computing technologies.

Participants will learn about quantum computing and use quantum-based technologies, while developing their own solutions and working in cross-disciplinary and diverse global teams. This special Hackathon will also bring top global Quantum Computing experts from both industry and academia to mentor, lead the teams, and explore along with the students solutions to a wide range of challenging projects from machine learning and AI, to physics (complex simulation problems), Math, Chemistry, to online gaming, healthcare, security, and the arts (quantum-generated art work).

Since quantum computing is expected to revolutionize the world as we know it, we need to make sure that our hackathon participants are equipped with the necessary skills needed for QC and empower a new generation of students to use the most advanced quantum hardware. We would also like the participants to utilize these acquired new QC skills for social good and make a positive impact on the future of our society, as quantum computers are capable of solving hard computational problems.

We plan to partner with top Quantum computing research centers (QC center at NYU and CERN), hackathons and companies such as Google, Astrazeneca, Microsoft, IBM’s Quantum research team, Qiskit (as we will use the Qiskit python package for QC) teams to provide our interdisciplinary hackathon participants with high-level quantum computing education (virtual workshops, labs along with keynote lectures and lighting talks), prior to the Hackathon.

Excellent interdisciplinary Students (with no prior QC experience) from all over the world can apply for this unique opportunity. Students must be enrolled full-time in their undergraduate (upper class, Junior or Senior) or graduate (MS or PhD) study in a university in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or in any other field such as Sciences, the Arts or Social Sciences, but most importantly, students MUST have a strong interest in Technology for Good, Quantum Computing, and entrepreneurship. After being selected, the students will have to go through a high-level virtual intensive education on quantum-based technologies prior to the hackathon to provide them with the necessary skills needed to succeed in this Hackathon.

Our Commitment to Safety

This event will be held in person at NYUAD. While we plan to arrange and cover the cost of travel, food, hotel, and transportation, participant safety is fundamental to everything we do. As the world faces the Delta variant, we must all commit to putting safety first and follow the directions of the local health authority, which may impact our planning and nominated participants. All participants must be vaccinated and also MUST wear a mask at all times during the event. If you are accepted to the NYUAD Hackathon, you also have to provide proof of your vaccinations.


The Annual NYUAD International Hackathon is a three-day programming marathon, during which renowned international computer science professors, founders of successful startups, technology professionals, and venture capitalists come together at NYUAD to lead teams of talented computer science students from all over the world (the majority of the students will be from the Arab world), to create mobile and web applications. The teams will develop innovative applications relevant to diverse fields such as HEALTH, education, film, music, business, and science for the benefit of social good in the Arab World.


The goal of the NYUAD Hackathon is to promote innovation in computer science, tech startups, and the development of innovative technology for the social good. This event will provide an opportunity for students in the Arab world to experience the full cycle of creating a tech startup (sharing and generating ideas, pitching ideas, learning new platforms and programming languages, designing and developing mobile and web applications, and working with a team). Aside from learning top practices in software development, students will also get a rare opportunity to be mentored by leaders in both industry and academia. Also, students will create innovative and solution-based technology for social good, which is becoming an important goal for computer scientists worldwide, as the field is now viewed as having created revolutionary innovations in many areas. We hope this Hackathon creates opportunities for future international project collaboration, launching startups, and undertaking academic research. The best apps are eligible for great prizes.

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