Mentor Nomination

Thank you for your interest in being a mentor at the NYUAD International Hackathon 2023. The success of this event depends significantly on the contribution, dedication, expertise, and the talent mentors bring to this event. We are seeking highly talented and passionate technology experts who love to work and inspire students with different levels of skills. The ideal mentor is someone with extensive experience in Quantum Computing and who also won or guided a team during Hackathons or research or competitions.

Our commitment to safety: This event will be held in person at NYUAD. While we plan to arrange and cover the cost of travel, food, hotel, and transportation, participant safety is fundamental to everything we do.

Note: Mentors MUST be proficient in Quantum Computing related to any field from the sciences to healthcare to the arts. You could have guided a team in research, hackathons, or workshops/courses in the following themes related to Quantum Computing:


  • AI, machine learning, and Data Science
  • Computational Chemistry
  • Physics simulation
  • Online Gaming
  • Mathematical algorithms
  • Drug Design & Development
  • Cybersecurity & Cryptography
  • Financial Modelling
  • Logistics Optimisation
  • QC Art
  • Communications
  • Cybersecurity
  • Better Batteries
  • Cleaner Fertilization
  • Traffic Optimization
  • Weather Forecasting and Climate Change
  • Solar Capture
  • Electronic Materials Discovery
  • Computations and physics simulations (quantum physics)
  • Engineering- quantum mechanics
  • Logistics Optimisation
  • Any technology-related applications
  • Any other applications are welcome

Each mentor will be responsible for a team of five diverse students from all over the world.

Mentors MUST be present with their team the entire three days of the Hackathon to provide guidance and answer questions and help troubleshoot difficult problems facing the team. Mentors are expected to guide (but not dominate) discussion about how to approach the idea/problem selected during Ideation, suggesting appropriate technologies and an appropriate implementation scope for the time available.

Indicate if you have strong desire and experience to give a virtual or in person interactive intensive workshop, keynote talk, or lightning talk (5 minutes) related to Quantum Computing prior (Virtual) or during the Hackathon.

We will be providing more information on mentoring after the selection of mentors after March 1, 2023.

Ideas will be pitched during the ideation phase on the first day of the Hackathon as well as the team selection.

We will cover accommodation, food, and airfare (Economy airfare, if applicable) for selected mentors.

In order to apply to be a mentor for the NYUAD Hackathon 2023, please fill out this form in its entirety to better help us plan for this event. Please apply by the deadline.

Note: We are looking for mentors who have guided teams related to Quantum Computing or any of the themes mentioned above. It would be also great if you have experience leading teams in Hackathons and also won a few.

Thank you in advance.



The deadline to submit applications is January 31, 2024. This is an absolute deadline so we can obtain visas for all of the Hackathon attendees. You should hear from us by February 15, 2024.

Please note that for mentor and team leader applicants, we will ONLY consider qualified academics, highly experienced tech developers, and founders of successful startups. Thank you your application and we look forward to seeing you in Abu Dhabi in April.

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    Mentor Background and Interests
    1. Did you or your team win in previous Hackathons, research or awards? YesNo
    2. Have you lead a team to develop an application/research in the past? YesNo
    Mentor Talks and or Workshops
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    2. Did you or your team win in previous Hackathons, research or awards? YesNo
    3. Would you like to give a Ideation Talk (15 minutes talks) covering different themes YesNo
    4. Would like to give a short inspirational lightning ideation talk for social good during NYUAD hackathon (5 minutes) YesNo
    5. Would you like to give a VIRTUAL QC technical Keynote talk (20 to 30 minutes or / and Interactive Workshop on March 22nd to 26th at 8PM GST YesNo
    Quantum Computing Skills Assessment
    1. 012345
    2. Quantum AMOQuantum AlgorithmsQuantum Error CorrectionQuantum Finance (Optimization)Quantum MechanicsQuantum ChemistryQuantum Machine LearningQuantum ControlQuantum HealthcareNoneOther*
    3. QiskitCirqpyQuilPennyLaneAWS BraketOpenFermionPulserQ#QIQASMNoneOther*
    4. YesNo
    5. YesNo
    6. YesNo
    7. C/C++JavaObjectiveC/SwiftRubyPythonJavascriptHaskell, OCamlLisp, SchemeGoC#PHPOther
    8. QC technologiesAugmented Reality / Virtual RealityAI, Machine Learning & Big DataGame TechnologiesCloudHardwareVRARDesign in general and UIHealthcareSciencesQC ArtsOther*
    9. Community (civic innovation, transportation, etc.)Crisis & Public SafetyEducation & LiteracyHealthcareEnvironmentArts, Culture, TourismMarketplaces (jobs, sharing economy, etc.)Vulnerable populations (refugees, people with disabilities)Science Algorithms (AI, Cryptography, security, physics, Biochemistry, Math and CS & so on)Financial ModelingFood securitiesLogistics optimizationOther*
  • YesNo