Meet the Mentors


Lukas Burgholzer

PhD Student, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria

Stefan Hillmich

PhD Candidate, Johannes Kepler University Linz


Mohamed Yassine Ferjani

Quantum Computing Researcher, Qbee


Barry Sanders

Professor, Director, Institute for Quantum Science and Technology, University of Calgary

Distinguished Chair Professor, University of Science and Technology China


Alexandru Paler

Assistant Professor, Aalto University

Researching the design and implementation of quantum software for compiling and optimizing quantum circuits, for actively applying quantum error correction methods, and for quantum circuit simulation.

George Watkins

Research Assistant, Aalto University

A research assistant in Professor Alexandru Paler’s lab and the mastermind behind the state-of-the-art compiler for quantum circuits developed in Finland. He has worked for Amazon and is actively collaborating on quantum software with startups such as Zapata Computing.


Ijassi Walid

PhD Candidate, The Grenoble Institute of Technology

He is a PhD Candidate and a Social Entrepreneur whose main mission is to design sustainable production and consumption systems. 

Ion Nechita

CNRS Researcher, University of Toulouse


Alexander Degner

Game Designer / Senior Technical Artist, K5 Factory GmbH

Gamedesigner and technical artist specializing in XR

Shoaib Mohammed

Transforming Education and Accessibility. Software Development Engineer, Amazon.

His goal is to transform education and accessibility allowing the removal of barriers people face.


R K Rupesh

Master's Student, University of Hyderabad

He is a physicist with experience in quantum simulations, interested in semiconductor Quantum Hardware.

Utkarsh Utkarsh

Quantum Algorithms Researcher, International Institute of Information Technology and Xanadu Quantum Technologies

His background enables him to lead and contribute to projects which are an amalgamation of quantum computing, quantum software, machine learning, or natural sciences.


Nouhaila Innan

PhD Student, Hassan II University of Casablanca

A first-year PhD Student working on Quantum AI, and astronomy and robotics enthusiast!


Ini Ekpenyong Ukut

Preventive Maintenance Engineer- Facility, Champion Breweries PLC

He has MSc (Physics Electronics & communications) University of Uyo. He has completed several courses in Cloud computing (Google cloud, Aviatrix, and Azure), Project Management and Quantum Computing.


Mousa Farajallah

Assistant Professor, Head of the Computer Engineering and Security Department, Palestine Polytechnic University

Skilled in Cryptography theory and practical, Information Security, Computer Science, Discrete Mathematics, Java, LaTeX, and Computational Complexity.


Paweł Gora

CEO, Quantum AI Foundation

Scientist, IT specialist, and entrepreneur working mostly on the applications of AI (especially in transportation and medicine) and quantum computing.


Wafa Waheeda Syed

Software Engineer, Qatar Computing & Research Institute


David Morcuende

Director de Inteligencia artificial | AI Solutions Tech Lead en IMeureka

Proactive person seeking for innovation. He loves tech-related topics and sharing his knowledge through opensource projects, talks, and technical communities. An open-minded, out-of-the-box thinker.

United Arab Emirates

Abdelkhalik Aljuneidi

Software Engineer, Takalam L.T.D

Has a passion in Machine Learning

Priya Aswani

Senior Full Stack Developer, RoboAds

Loves to empowering people by creating innovative tech solutions to problems

Saeed Motamed

Cloud Solution Architect, Microsoft

United Kingdom

Arnab Ghosh

Machine Learning Engineer, Snapchat

Machine Learning Engineer at Snapchat working on creative tools of the future.

Arijit Patra

Senior Data Scientist, UCB Biopharma (formerly at AstraZeneca)

Passionate advocate of the 21st century technological transformation of healthcare delivery.

United States

Ken Tanaka

Medical Doctor, Internal Medicine Physician, Healthtech Entrepreneur, NYU Biology PhD Candidate

He is a Medical Doctor from Japan currently pursuing a Biology PhD in malaria genomics at NYU New York and NYU Abu Dhabi.

Syed Farhan Ahmad

Quantum Computing Researcher, University of California Los Angeles; qBraid; QCSA@UCLA; QPower Research

As a Microsoft Gold Student Ambassador, he has experience in leading communities that focus on promoting education and research among high school and undergraduate students.

Rahma Ahmed

Fullstack Software Engineer, Mount Sinai Health Partners

She is very passionate about medicine, tech, the empowerment of women, education, and research.

Emmad Arif

Algorithmic Trader, Yale University

Varun Arora

CEO, OpenCurriculum

Coleman Collins

Sr Product Manager/Head of Design, IonQ

Connor Duffy

PhD Researcher, Stanford University

He is PhD student in Genetics at Stanford, and previously was a co-founder of Reverie Labs.

Amir Ebrahimi

Principal Software Engineer / Graduate Student, Unity Technologies / University of Texas Austin

Amir Ebrahimi is a Masters C.S. student at UT Austin who is interested in QEC/QEM.

Ryan Hill

CTO, qBraid

Ryan is the CTO of qBraid and is the chief architect of the qBraid SDK which allows for transiplation on various quantum computing languages. He recently completed his Master’s of Engineering in Engineering Physics at Cornell University, where he was advised by Peter McMahon.

Shantanu Jha

Quantum Computing PhD Researcher in the Will Oliver Group (EQuS), Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Shantanu researches bosonic QEC in the EQuS group at MIT, builds open-source projects, and enjoys woodworking, traveling and cooking (

Sama Kanbour

Sr Director, GE

Akash Kant

Student and Developer at ASU and Ex-ServiceNow Developer, Arizona State University

Stephen Lang

Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer, Uni Creative

Stephen is the Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer at Uni Creative, an engagement platform that actualizes inclusion to radically transform how companies make decisions. Stephen also serves as a Lead Designer at 645 Ventures where he assists portfolio companies in developing impactful narratives for customer acquisition, hiring, and fundraising.

Xiang Li

Student, UC Berkeley

Henry Makhanov

Graduate Student, University of Texas at Austin

MS in CS student at the University of Texas at Austin, with a background in economics.

Farai Mazhandu

Graduate Student, Colorado School of Mines

He is a technologist, entrepreneur, and physics Ph.D. student at the Colorado School of Mines and Senior Advisor at OneQuantum Africa.

Vikram Mulligan

Research Scientist, Flatiron Institute

He is a biochemist using classical and quantum computing approaches for the rational design of peptide therapeutics.

Victory Omole

Software Engineer,

Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in Quantum computing.

Scott Oshiro

PhD Candidate, Stanford University

He is a PhD Candidate at Stanford University’s Center for Computer Research in Music and Acoustics.

Shaun Radgowski

Financial Analyst, Morgan Stanley

Former Yale Quantum Computing researcher and QHack winner, currently designing financial models for investment banking.

Aishwarya Sahai

Graduate, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Mohammad Aamir Sohail

Graduate Student Research Assistant, University of Michigan

PhD student at the University of Michigan, working in Quantum Information Theory.

Ricky Young

COO, qBraid

Ricky Young is a software developer and COO of qBraid. He received a B.S. in engineering physics at Stanford University.