NYUAD Hackathon Prizes

The Open Quantum Institute (OQI), Switzerland:

The OQI, an initiative hosted by CERN, born at GESDA, and supported by UBS, is a strategic partner of NYUAD. OQI will grant their prize to the top winners, which offers access to mentorship, industry networking opportunities, academic research, and an open invitation to attend the Geneva Science and Diplomacy Anticipation Summit on October in Geneva during which diplomats, UN leaders, scientists, and business leaders gather to discuss science diplomacy challenges and opportunities. Furthermore, they will be connected with quantum investors, business leaders, and scientists who will help further mature their idea and accelerate its real-world implementation.

Womanium Quantum for the winners of the NYUAD hackathon, USA:

One-session mentorship:

Winning teams will win a one-session mentorship with the Womanium Quantum team. The winning teams will have a chance to interact with quantum experts and industry leaders, get feedback on their project ideas, and learn more about the quantum industry and career paths.

    1. Paid internship program that offers hands-on experience on high-impact quantum computing projects:
      Winning team will win a non-binding interview for the Womanium Quantum Solutions Launchpad (QSL). QSL is a paid internship program that offers hands-on experience on high-impact quantum computing projects, collaborating with leading national labs and industries. The winning team will have an opportunity to apply for QSL and get an interview call with the Womanium Quantum team.
    2. All Hackathon Participants will get a 100% Scholarship to participate in an Online Summer Womanium Quantum+AI Training Program 2024:
      Womanium will organize the annual Quantum+AI training program from June to July 2024, a project-based intensive course on Quantum and AI.
      • All hackathon participants will receive 100% scholarship for participating in the Womanium Quantum program.
      • We would also like to extend this opportunity to the NYUAD students and interested faculty. All NYUAD student applications will also receive a 100% scholarship from Womanium to participate in the program.