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In order to nominate students for an NYUAD Hackathon scholarship, a faculty member must fill out the form below in its entirety (for a maximum of one student per university, allowing us to include more universities). Thank you in advance and please email us at:

Our commitment to safety: This event will be held in person at NYUAD. While we plan to arrange and cover the cost of travel, food, hotel, and transportation, participant safety is fundamental to everything we do. As the world faces the Omicron variant, we must all commit to putting safety first and follow the directions of the local health authority, which may impact our planning and nominated participants. All participants must be vaccinated and also MUST wear a mask at all times during the event. If you are accepted to the NYUAD Hackathon, you also have to provide proof of your vaccinations (both or three doses).

Student Eligibility Requirements

Student Candidates will be judged on basis of academic performance, leadership activities, intent to pursue a career in mobile and web applications (or interest in launching a startup), and interest in the service of others:

  • Students who attended the NYUAD Hackathon during previous years CAN NOT be nominated again in order to give this unique learning experience to new students.
  • One of our main goals for this Hackathon is to promote diversity, intersectional diversity providing a rich environment for growth for everyone. So, make sure to promote your excellent female or any student of color student candidates who strongly qualify for the NYUAD Hackathon.
  • Students must be enrolled full-time in their undergraduate (upper class, Junior or Senior) or graduate (MS or PhD) study in a university in Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or in any other field such as Sciences, the Arts or Social Sciences, but most importantly, students MUST have a strong interest in Technology for Good, Quantum Computing, and entrepreneurship.
  • Students must maintain good academic performance 3.5 GPA or higher in the major.
  • For Computer Science Students, the Ideal candidates should be proficient in one or more programming languages such as Python, Java, have experience with mobile and web applications, and/ or experience in Quantum Computing.
  • Students must show demonstrated leadership achievements, strong problem-solving skills, strong communication skills, strong English language skills (spoken and written), interest in Quantum Computing applications, web development, Mobile applications, and startups, and should be team players. Winning at Hackathon(s), winning awards, participation in programming contests, research, attending conferences, internships, or work experience related to apps, web development, or any related start-up activities will help applicants under consideration.

Application Form

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    Student Grades and Media Accounts

    Student Biography and Assessment

    Student Skills Assessment - General

    1. Very StrongStrongModerateWeak
    2. Very StrongStrongModerateWeak
    3. Very StrongStrongModerateWeak
    4. Very StrongStrongModerateWeak
    5. Very StrongStrongModerateWeak
    6. Very StrongStrongModerateWeak
    7. Very StrongStrongModerateWeak
    8. Very StrongStrongModerateWeak

    Student Skills Assessment - Quantum Computing

    1. 012345
    2. Quantum AMOQuantum AlgorithmsQuantum Error CorrectionQuantum Finance (Optimization)Quantum MechanicsQuantum ChemistryQuantum Machine LearningQuantum ControlQuantum HealthcareNoneOther*
    3. QiskitCirqpyQuilPennyLaneAWS BraketOpenFermionPulserQ#QIQASMNoneOther*
    4. Did the student previously win any Hackathon , awards, participate in a programming contest, conduct research, participate in a startup event, or attend any CS conference or she/he has been a Google or Microsoft ambassador for their school? YesNo

    5. YesNo
    6. YesNo
    7. YesNo
    8. C/C++JavaObjectiveC/SwiftRubyPythonJavascriptHaskell, OCamlLisp, SchemeGoC#PHPOther
    9. QC technologiesAugmented Reality / Virtual RealityAI, Machine Learning & Big DataGame TechnologiesCloudHardwareVRARDesign in general and UIHealthcareSciencesQC ArtsOther*
    10. Community (civic innovation, transportation, etc.)Crisis & Public SafetyEducation & LiteracyHealthcareEnvironmentArts, Culture, TourismMarketplaces (jobs, sharing economy, etc.)Vulnerable populations (refugees, people with disabilities)Science Algorithms (AI, Cryptography, security, physics, Biochemistry, Math and CS & so on)Financial ModelingFood securitiesLogistics optimizationOther*



    Deadline to submit applications is February 15, 2023. This is an absolute deadline so we can obtain visas for all of the Hackathon attendees. We expect to have the nomination results by February 20, 2023.


    Thank you for your interest in nominating students for the NYUAD Hackathon 2023. Professors can nominate one student (You can NOT nominate a student who already attended the NYUAD Hackathon during previous years) from their university (for a maximum of one student per university in its entirety allowing us to include more universities) to be considered for a scholarship to attend the NYUAD Hackathon. Please note that students will not be able to submit their own application for this event. All student applications must be submitted by a professor from the same institution.

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