1st Place & Audience Award

QGasBusters | كاشف الغاز (Team 20)

QGasBusters protects critical infrastructure by instantly detecting pipeline anomalies, and optimally allocating emergency resources using Quantum Sensing & Machine Learning.


  • Mateo Stipanicic, Junior, Universidad de Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Sarah Marya Mitiche, Masters, University of Essex, UK
  • Federico Fuidio, Senior, Universidad de Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Mehak Mehak, Masters, Raman Research Institute, India
  • Rustem Khassanov, NYUAD, UAE
  • Tamara Hamad, Sophomore, Ajman University, UAE


  • Alberto Marchisio, Postdoctoral researcher, NYUAD, UAE
  • Elias Xaver Huber, Yenching Scholar, Peking University, Switzerland
  • Priya Aswani, Independent Consultant, UAE

“Hackathons: where teamwork fuels innovation toward achieving SDG goals” ~ Tamara M. T Hamad

“Brilliant midns joining forces to solve problems and shape the future of quantum computing is an invaluable experience” ~ Alberto Marchisio

2nd Place & SDG Award

QMarjan | كمرجان (Team 17)

QMarjan helps identify optimal spots to achieve the highest coral restoration with limited resources.


  • Agustín Panizza, Senior, Universidad de Montevideo, Uruguay
  • Corey Ferrier, MIT, USA
  • Obada Abdallat, Junior, Applied Science Private University, Jordan
  • Sojood Jamoos, Senior, An-Najah National University, Palestine
  • Reem Abu Hasna, Senior, Ajman University, UAE
  • Basil Ahmed Qureshi, NYUAD, UAE
  • Aknur Kassym, NYUAD, UAE
  • Md Hasibur Rahman, NYUAD, UAE


  • Mohammed Alkhanafseh, Assistant Professor in Computer Science (Cyber Security), Birzeit University, Palestine
  • Sama Kanbour, GE Aerospace, USA
  • Hayk Sargsyan, Senior Software Engineer, TII

“It was an enlightening experience! I loved working with ambitious like-minded people from around the world to contribute to the solution of global problems.” ~ Aknur Kassym

“In 3 days, the team worked together to identify a problem worth solving they felt personally passionate about, and had a chance to learn, apply and teach one another new tools and frameworks, from Quantum, ML, data visualization, storytelling, and business strategy, allowing them to build and practice new skills.” ~ Sama Kanbour

3rd Place

aQua | نقاء (Team 15)

Using Quantum Simulations to Identify how to remove harmful PFAS molecules from water supplies to make them drinkable


  • Yahia Abdeldjalil Benyahia, Junior, Bouira University, Algeria
  • Ameera Saeed, Junior, Ajman University, UAE
  • Sama Hassane
  • Andrew Juang, Junior, Boston University, USA
  • Mohammad Aker, Senior, An-Najah National University, Palestine
  • Yassine Abbahaddou, PhD Student, Ecole Polytechnique | Visiting scholar, New York University, USA
  • Ines Manel Boumazouza, Senior, Higher national School of computer science ESI, Algeria


  • Mohammad Aamir Sohail, Ph.D. Student, University of Michigan, USA
  • Mamoun Abu Helou, Dr./ Head of Data Science Department, Al-Istiqlal University, Palestine
  • Omar Al – Khazali, Student, American University of Sharjah, UAE
  • Lalit Pradhan, PhD, Applied Scientist – NLP, Core42

“An international collaboration between brilliant young minds that want to help people in the most impactful way” ~ Omar Al Khazali

3rd Place

Aman | أمان (Team 3)

Aman aids civilians in times of crisis with efficient coordination of emergency services, facilitating access to food and shelters using quantum-enhanced machine learning.


  • Matteo Stefanini, ETH Zürich, Switzerland
  • Akram Inezarene, 5th year, Higher National School of Information and Communication Technologies and Post (ENSTICP), Algeria
  • Rana Gharaibeh, American University Of Sharjah, UAE
  • Seongyeon Heo, NYUAD, UAE
  • Joud Herzallah, Khalifa University of Science and Technology, UAE
  • Nisa Dogan, NYUAD, UAE


  • Nada Ikken, Ph.D Student in Quantum information, University Mohammed V in Rabat, Morocco
  • Md Abedin, Software Engineer, Meta, USA
  • Anas Toma, Assistant Professor and the Coordinator of the Artificial Intelligence Master’s program, An-Najah National University, Germany

“It takes leadership to improve safety” ~ AKRAM INEZARENE

أنت معنا بأمان ~ Anas Toma

SamaQ | سمك (Team 1)

Optimization of sustainable fishing for a better environment and better health conditions.


  • Nada Atia, 5th year, Cairo University, Egypt
  • Yaakulya Sabbani, NYUAD, UAE
  • Pavly Henain, NYUAD, UAE
  • Mahmod Darwish, 5th year, Heliopolis University, Egypt
  • Julien-Pierre Houle, Junior, Université de Sherbrooke, Canada
  • Helin Mazi, NYUAD, UAE
  • Rahaf Alhusari, Senior, Ajman University, UAE


  • Elena Acinapura, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
  • Elham Kariri, Faculty member, Prince Sattam bin AbdAziz, Saudi Arabia
  • Oliver Knitter, PhD, SandboxAQ & University of Utah, USA

“Sharing passion, Learning from others and connecting with people from different backgrounds, thoughts is really a transformative experience”~ Nada Ayman

“It is truly inspiring to work with students who are this passionate about using AI and Quantum technologies to build a more sustainable future.” ~ Oliver Knitter

Q-Ardh | Q-أرض (Team 2)

We are developing a quantum computing framework to optimize job scheduling for comprehensive, country-wide desertification analysis, improving the effectiveness of ML and statistical methods in remote sensing.


  • Sarah Dweik, Senior, Birzeit University, Palestine
  • Mufliha Shake Dawood, Sophomore, Heriot-Watt University, UAE
  • Megane Demgne, Senior, African Leadership College, Mauritius
  • Loise Kinuthia, Senior, African Leadership University, Mauritius
  • Yemen Ghozlan, Junior, Philadelphia University, Jordan
  • Jovan Kašćelan, NYUAD, UAE
  • Jeanne Mukakalisa, Senior, African Leadership University, Rwanda


  • Ricky Young, qBraid, USA
  • David Morcuende Cantador, New Technologies Expert, Spain
  • Muhammad Kashif, Postdoctoral Researcher, NYUAD, UAE

“Participating in the NYUAD hackathon has been an enriching experience, allowing me to connect with peers and mentors worldwide. This global environment has nurtured my growth, expanding my skills beyond quantum computing.” ~ Loise Kinuthia

“The NYUAD Hackathon is a vibrant celebration of diversity, innovation, and the amazing connections that drive us forward in technology and friendship” ~ David Morcuende

Nashtarik | نشترك (Team 4)

Using quantum computing and game theory to help conflicts and negotiations come to an agreement


  • Adrian Harkness, Junior, Lehigh University, USA
  • Shannen Dawn Louie Espinosa, Northeastern University, USA
  • Shahed Mohamed, Junior, Ajman University, UAE
  • Gianmarco Cafferata, 6th year, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Akansha Kumari, Indian Institute of Technology, India
  • Zeyad Abdelgawwad, NYUAD, UAE
  • Abdallah Srayeldine, Junior, Lebanese American University, Lebanon


  • Amro Elsayed Ahmed Imam Saidelahel
  • Mousa Farajallah, Associate Professor of Cybersecurity Engineering, Palestine Polytechnic University, Palestine
  • Yafa Jaradat, Scrum Master, Palestine Polytechnic University, Palestine

“It’s a terrible day to be a hidden Nash equilibrium.” ~ Adrian Harkness

From a student in last year’s hackathon to a speaker at the GESDA Summit, and now a mentor in this year’s hackathon, even though I couldn’t attend in person, my determination to participate allows me to work with my team remotely. Mentoring in quantum computing and AI, and focusing on showcasing the skills of team members, is a rewarding experience for me. Inspirational innovation from around the world and from different cultures fuels creativity. “LET’S USE THE PRESENT TO BUILD THE FUTURE.” ~ Yaffa Jaradat

Bassira | بصيرة (Team 5)

Using quantum optimization to help visually impared pedestrians navigate the extreme heat of cities across the world.


  • Ashnah Khalid Khan, Senior, Institute of Business Administration, Pakistan
  • Aqsa Khan, Sophomore, Amity University, UAE
  • Adjo Axoefa Irène Amedji, Senior, Institut Polytechnique Defitech, Tojo
  • Yazeed Alhaddad, Sophomore, Birzeit University, Palestine
  • Omar Hamdan, Junior, Applied Science Private University, Jordan
  • Ilhem Bekkar, 5th year Data & Intelligent Systems student, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Informatique, Algeria
  • Temirlan Amanzhanov, NYUAD, UAE
  • Jeong Kyu Lee, NYUAD, UAE


  • Benjamin Hall, Quantum Software Engineer, Infleqtion, USA
  • Kristina Kirova, PhD Student, Johannes Kepler University, Linz, Austria
  • Alaa Jalaltamimi, Lecture, Master degree in Intelligent Systems AI and data science, Palestine Polytechnic University, Palestine

“Engaging with brilliant minds who share my passion is an absolute pleasure. Together, we explore diverse perspectives, learning not only from each other but also from the expertise of seasoned professionals. From technology to business strategies, from presentation skills to innovative solutions, we embark on a journey of growth and discovery. Here’s to embracing the invaluable wisdom of experts and shaping the future together!” ~ Ilhem Bekkar (student)

“This is the most diverse team I have mentored! Everyone’s unique background and a set of skills enables creative solutions to pressing problems.”Kristina Kirova (Mentor)

Siha Sans Frontières | صحة بلا حدود (Team 6) 

Quantum-assisted medical solutions to alleviate the workload of doctors in under-resourced regions, and to help relaunch the health sector during post-war recovery.


  • Ibrahim Elmetwalli, Zewail City of Science and Technology, Egypt
  • Vincent Olagbemide, Senior, University of Derby, UK
  • Ekaterina Pankovets, Masters, EPFL, Switzerland
  • Shaikha Aysha AlNuaimi, Junior, Ajman University, UAE
  • Rama Rami Ziad Hasiba, Senior, An-Najah National University, Palestine
  • Imane Hamzaoui, NYUAD,UAE
  • Jheel Chetan Thanki, NYUAD, UAE


  • Bakhao Dioum, Global Quantum Computing Fellow, Womanium Quantum, USA
  • Amine Ghebreziabiher, NYUAD, UAE
  • Sachin Valera, PhD, NYUAD

“For my first year in this event, it’s been an honor to work with a team as talented, motivated, and diverse as this one. It’s been a fun ride, and I can’t wait to see how their teamwork and varied backgrounds will shine through during the showcase.” ~ Bakhao Dioum

AlfiniQ | الفينيق (Team 7)

Predicting genetic and infectious diseases that emerge in populations that survived catastrophes


  • Pranet Sharma, Yale University, USA
  • Ajla Sacic, NYUAD, UAE
  • Segun Oguntunnbi, Senior, University of Lagos, Nigeria
  • Lyna Boukari, 5th year, University of Paris 8, France
  • Mohamed Yahia, NYUAD, UAE
  • Abderrahmene Kasmi, NYUAD UAE
  • Makuochukwu Okeke, Junior, African Leadership University, Rwanda
  • Raghad Tarkhan, Junior, Ajman University


  • Sahar Ben Rached, PhD Candidate, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain
  • Joshua Ajayi, Technical Artist, Meta (Reality Labs), UK

“This experience is truly the fusion of creativity, collaboration, and building transformative solutions. I am happy to be back again!” ~ Lyna Boukari

“The team is brilliant! It is so exciting to work with smart and engaged students” ~ Sahar Ben Rached

TareeQ | طريق (Team 8)

Forecasting and optimally routing distributed supply chains for food security and climate sustainability.


  • Ayazhan Kadessova, Junior, Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong SAR, China
  • Gagan Vats, Senior, Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology, India
  • Siona Tagare, Yale University, USA
  • Mohammad Zaiter, Senior, Ajman University, UAE
  • Nasser Alzaabi, Khalifa University of Science and Technology, UAE
  • Rayan Imad, Junior, Notre Dame University – Louaize, Lebanon
  • Sara Walhan, Sophomore, Ajman University, UAE


  • Shantanu Jha, PhD student @ MIT EQuS | CEO, co-founder @ Boston Quantum, USA
  • Dilyara Sharipova, PhD @ MIT | CSO, co-founder @ Boston Quantum, USA
  • Abdelrahman Abdelaziz, Technical Trainer, Google, France

“Hackathon helped me learn steps required to utilize quantum computing for solving real-world problems from my teammates and mentors.” ~ Ayazhan Kadessova

“As a returning mentor, the rich diversity of talent, interests and backgrounds of the students on our team make this hackathon a highlight of my year. Perhaps most importantly, my teammates are just wonderful people to work with and I look forward to seeing them grow far beyond this event.” ~ Shantanu Jha

Tabadol | Exchange/Trade تبَادُل (Team 9)

Tabadol helps people who are unable to access medications near them by connecting them with travelers who can access these medications in different countries using a quantum computing optimized platforms.


  • Herbert Díaz, 5th year, Pontificia Universidad Católica, Chile
  • Brennan Lagasse, Yale University, USA
  • Sara Khader, Junior, Birzeit University, Palestine
  • Enomfon Akpanudo, Senior, University of Uyo, Nigeria
  • Nadeen Sharab, Masters, Nile University, Egypt
  • Dev Nareshkumar Aswani, Junior, University of Wollongong in Dubai, UAE
  • Yousef AlNajjar, Masters, Applied Science Private University, Jordan
  • Filip Milisov, NYUAD, UAE


  • Aziza Almanakly, Graduate Research Fellow, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
  • Paweł Gora, CEO, Quantum AI Foundation, Poland
  • Eid Alagha, Assistant Professor, University College of Applied Sciences-Gaza, Palestine

“From working with refugee entrepreneurs to diving deep into space exploration, I see the power of technology to empower and uplift. Now, let’s unlock its potential with quantum leaps!” ~ Sara Khader

“Working with this group of students has been so energizing and endearing. They came to Abu Dhabi motivated, excited, and ready to learn!” ~ Aziza Almanakly

Al Hami | الحامي (Protector, Team 10)

Leveraging potential against “harvest now, decrypt later”; Al-Hammi (Protector) aims to enable and empower accessibility to post-quantum cryptography with our centralised diagnostic software in an ever-evolving quantum landscape.


  • Galane Basha Namomsa, Carnegie Mellon University, Rwanda
  • Aibar Talip, NYUAD, UAE
  • Abdul Kareem Alsa’ou, Junior, Philadelphia University, Jordan
  • Nour Boumediene, Senior, ESTIN, Algeria
  • Mohamad Sarmout, Senior, ISSAE Cnam liban, Lebanon
  • Ivane Kuljanishvili, NYUAD, UAE
  • Ghofran Nateel, Junior, Al-Quds University, Palestine
  • Lamis Elsayed, American University Of Sharjah, UAE


  • Nouhaila Innan, PhD Student, Hassan II University of Casablanca, Morocco
  • Muhammad Rasib Nadeem Zia, Senior, Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Pakistan
  • Kamila Zaman, Senior QML Researcher – Ebrains Lab, CQTS, NYUAD, UAE

“I think everyone has a NYUAD part in them.” ~ Nour Boumediene

“Joining this incredible event for the third time fills me with excitement and enthusiasm. Each occasion is a fresh inspiration chapter, filled with unforgettable moments and vibrant connections. Once again, I’m truly honored to be part of this fantastic hackathon!” ~ Nouhaila Innan

Ihsan | إحسان (Team 11)

Quantum enhanced resource allocation for humanitarian aid distribution to help people lacking basic necessities’ using QAOA.


  • Alma Alex, Yale University, USA
  • Mohamed Attia
  • Janindu Nanayakkara, NYUAD, UAE
  • Manvi Khurana, Junior, Thapar Institute of Engineering and Technology, India
  • Hiba Saleem, American University Of Sharjah, UAE
  • Rana Elfakharany, American University Of Sharjah, UAE
  • Wubeshet Yimam, Junior, African Leadership University, Rwanda


  • Ioannis Theodonis, Research and Teaching Staff, National Technical University of Athens, Greece
  • Lorraine Tsitsi Majiri, Stafford Computing, Zimbabwe

“From debugging code to exploring cultural differences, every moment was an opportunity to gain new insights and perspectives from one another” ~ Hiba Saleem

“Embarking on a journey of mentoring at NYU Abu Dhabi, where knowledge meets adventure, has been an exhilarating joyride that I’ll cherish forever.”~ Lorraine Tsitsi Majiri

ALHAQ | الحَقِّ (Team 12)

A cross-platform solution utilizing quantum computing to counter the rapid misinformation of fake news, customizing social media feeds to prioritize trusted sources and filter out disinformation within users’ networks.


  • Omar Farouk Zouak, Junior, The National School of Artificial Intelligence, Algeria
  • Salma AlSaghir, NYUAD, UAE
  • Pablo Rodenas Ruiz, Masters, EPFL, Switzerland
  • Masa Bader, Senior, Palestine polytechnic university, Palestine
  • Emmanuel Amela, 5th year, Institut Polytechnique Defitech, Togo
  • Ghada Alhajeri, Khalifa University of Science and Technology, UAE
  • Mariam Elsharkawy, 5th year, The American University in Cairo (AUC), Egypt
  • Savar Jain, University of Connecticut, USA
  • Ahmad Mansour, American University Of Sharjah, UAE


  • Nerrise Favour Njunkeng, PhD, Stanford University
  • Akash Kant, qBraid, USA

“Every time someone uses AlHaq, a little bit of the internet gets cleaner, clearer, and a lot more honest. That’s not just good news for us—it’s good news for the world.”

SuQar | سكر (Team 13)

A prediction tool for diabetes using quantum neural networks


  • Yash Upadhyay, Senior, National Institute of Technology, Hamirpur, India
  • Ziad Hassan, NYUAD, NYU
  • Mohammed Abdaljamil, Junior, Palestine Ahliya University, Palestine
  • Yvan Izabayo, Freshman, African Leadership University, Rwanda
  • Baraa Abed, American University Of Sharjah, UAE
  • Ahmed Rayane Kebir, 4th year Data & Intelligent Systems student, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Informatique, Algeria
  • Moldir Andirbekova, Junior, Suleyman Demirel University, Kazakhstan
  • Hajara Sabnam Kareem Navaz, Sophomore, Amity University, UAE


  • Corey Liam Lammie, Postdoctoral Researcher, IBM Research – Zurich, Switzerland
  • Norhan Eassa, PhD, Purdue University, USA

“It has been a pleasure working with some very bright minds who all have different backgrounds.”

 BuraQ | براق (Team 14)

BuraQ creates and optimizes evacuation routes using quantum annealing for cities and towns as natural disasters become increasingly common with global climate change.


  • Claudio Filipe Prata Gomes, NYUAD, UAE
  • Emmanuel Ofosu, MPhil, Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana
  • Nghia Nim, NYUAD, UAE
  • Danial Haseeb Syed, Senior, Institute of Business Administration, Pakistan
  • Amal khaleel, Junior, Applied Science Private University, Jordan
  • Tasnim Dwikat, Senior, An-Najah National University, Palestine
  • Farhan Khan, NYUAD, UAE
  • Abir Hammache, 6th year, Gustave Eiffel, France
  • Shawk Salem, Sophomore, Prince sattam bin AbdAziz, KSA


  • Salahedeen Issa, Quantum Software Engineer, Infleqtion, USA
  • Lauren Winkler, PhD, SandBox AQ, USA

“It’s great to meet so many smart and motivated people around the world. It’s even greater that we are coming together to work on something that matters.” ~ Nghia Nim

“Bringing together brilliant, driven students to develop highly pertinent projects using a super promising technology. What a remarkable event. “ ~ Salahedeen Issa

Ma’a Hayat | ماء حياة (Team 16)

Leveraging Quantum Computing for Sustainable Water Management


  • Mohammad Abualrub, Junior, Applied Science Private University, Jordan
  • Hidaya Taha, Junior, Al-Quds Open University, Palestine
  • Maryam Hassane, Senior, Alexandria University, Egypt
  • Denis Waweru, Junior, African Leadership University, Rwanda
  • Aimen Ryad Touazi, Masters, Université Paris Cité, France
  • Mahmood Yaghi, Senior, Ajman University, UAE
  • Astha Chauhan, Senior, Manipal Academy of Higher Education, Dubai, UAE


  • Amaria Javed, Postdoctoral Associate, NYUAD, UAE
  • Alexander Rene Degner, Technical Artist (Avatars), Meta Platforms Inc., Germany
  • Fred Soglohu, PhD, African Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Ghana / University of Ghana

“This Hackathon has been a real adventure! Every challenge felt like cracking open a treasure chest of knowledge, and having a blast while doing it made it even better!” ~ Fred Soglohu

“As a mentor, I’m thrilled to guide a team that excels in collaboration and shares a passion for quantum computing and AI. Together, we’re using these powerful technologies to innovate and tackle global challenges at this hackathon. Let’s innovate for impact and make this experience count!” ~ Amaria Javed

Sayl | سَيْل (Team 18)

Using QML for enhanced extreme flood prediction.


  • Julián Melmer Stiefke, Senior, University of Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Nico Plattner, Sophomore, University of Vienna, Austria
  • Zain Kamal Raisan Alshareeda, American University Of Sharjah, UAE
  • Abinaya Sankar, Senior, Coimbatore institute of Technology, India
  • Shams Zayan, Senior, Alexandria University, Egypt
  • Sedra Ahmad Wattar, Sophomore, Ajman University, UAE


  • Mohammed Alghadeer, PhD Candidate, University of Oxford, UK
  • Palash Goiporia, Quantum Software Engineer, Infleqtion Inc., USA
  • Ahmed Abdou, Vice President for Planning and Development – Head of Engineering Department, Palestine Ahliya University, Palestine

“Very valuable to work together on topics we aren’t familiar with. Learning how to use new tools from my peers have been very enjoyable.” ~ Julian Stiefkens

“It has been amazing getting to know people from all around the world and creating something meaningful together.”~ Palash Goiporia

Enzzar | إنذار (Team 19)

Predicting when earthquakes are going to happen.


  • Youssouf Moutaoukil, Junior, Ajman University, UAE
  • Muhammad Ahmad, Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, Egypt
  • Maryam Almetnawy, Senior, Ajman University, UAE
  • Ana Morgado, Masters, University of Coimbra, Portugal
  • Kallol Sen, PhD, Raman Research Institute, India
  • Asya Abdel-All, Junior, Applied Science Private University, Jordan
  • Aya Hmoud, Junior, Ajman University, UAE


  • Nils Quetschlich, Researcher, Technical University of Munich, Germany
  • Natansh Mathur, Quantum Researcher, QC Ware, France & IRIF, CNRS, Université Paris Cité, France
  • Husayn Gokal, Chairman, QUAE, UAE

“Participating in a Quantum-focused hackathon felt like entering a realm of innovation, where it takes you to a different world while also having fun. Had a blast getting to work with my teammates!” ~ Maryam Almetnawy

“Working together with so many highly motivated students from all over the world is incredible and it is impressive what the students achieved in a such a short time frame.” ~ Nils Quetschlich