startAD Youth Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Week 1

Useful Expressions

Tools for Professional Approach: It’s not just about learning, it’s about having the confidence to use English in real life and upgrade your business communication skills.

3 videos, 1 audio
Video: Crowdsourcing
Video: Collocations For Job Interview
Audio: Listening Exercise
Graded: Advanced Business Principles

Week 2

Diplomatic Language

Tools for Professional Approach - Step 2: It’s not just about learning, it’s about having the confidence to use English in real life and upgrade your business communication skills.

2 videos, 1 reading
Graded: Information Technology Terms

startAD Youth Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

What is it?

The startAD Entrepreneurship Bootcamp introduces students interested in innovation and entrepreneurship to the fundamentals of the Lean Startup approach. An initiative under the startAD Youth Entrepreneurship Programs, the bootcamp is open to all NYUAD students. By participating in the bootcamp, students will learn to test the value of their startup ideas through customer discovery exercises like talking to prospective customers and partners. As a result, participants will learn the methodologies and skills to create a venture through a human-centered, design thinking process.

What is the process?

  • Submit a short application: Interested students submit a short application to be able to attend either Bootcamp. The application form collects basic information and a brief about the startup venture a student/group of students are working on. Only one application per team is required. 
  • Attend Bootcamp 1 OR 2: Participants will present their startup ideas at the beginning of the bootcamp. The Lean Canvas and Customer Discovery will be discussed in detail during the bootcamps whereby participants will learn the tools to test the value of their solution by talking to prospective customers and partners.
  • Conduct Customer Discovery: After attending one of the two bootcamps, participants will be required to conduct at least 10 customer discovery interviews with prospective “customers” or “partners” to test the value of their solution. The customer discovery interviews should be completed between November 16 – December 9.
  • Participate in 1-1 coaching and teammate hunting opportunities (optional): Students are encouraged to stop by startAD Central (startAD’s co-working space located in A6 building, Conference Center) every Wednesday, 12-1 pm to speak to a member of the startAD team and receive 1:1 coaching and general guidance. This is also a good opportunity to meet other students interested and form/join teams.
  • Present at the Customer Discovery presentation: The bootcamps will culminate with students presenting their ideas and learnings from the customer discovery interviews to the startAD team. Participants must have attended at least one of the bootcamps and conducted a minimum of 10 customer discovery interviews to be eligible to present.

Who is it for?

The bootcamps are open to all NYUAD students who meet the below criteria

  • Have an idea for a startup (no prior startup or business experience is required)
  • Are passionate and committed to solving the problem addressed by the startup idea
  • Teams (of at least 2 members) are preferred over individuals
  • Are able to commit to attending any ONE of the bootcamps (BOTH days of bootcamp 1 OR the full session of bootcamp 2)  

Bootcamp 2019 dates

  • Bootcamp I: Monday, November 11th (4pm – 6pm) & Tuesday, November 12th (4pm – 6pm)
  • Bootcamp II: Saturday, November 16th (10am – 3pm)

Other key dates

  • Application opens: October 10th
  • Registration booth in D2: October 22nd (12:30pm – 1:30pm)
  • Registration booth in Marketplace: October 28th (1pm – 2pm)
  • Application closes: November 5th
  • Customer discovery interviews for Bootcamp 1 participants: November 13th – December 9th
  • Customer discovery interviews for Bootcamp 2 participants: November 16th – December 9th
  • 1:1 coaching and teammate matching opportunity (optional): Every Wednesday between November 20th – December 4 (12pm – 1pm)
  • Customer Discovery Presentation: December 9th (5 pm – 8 pm)

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