Design Technology Lab | NYU Abu Dhabi

If you are creative, have good eye for design, want to build systems, tools, and apps and are willing to quickly self-learn whatever system, programming language, environment, etc needed to get the job done, apply to work at our research lab. We value a "let's get the job done" mentality, and we rapidly prototype all our design ideas. We release most of our code as open source and we publish our work at top CS research venues.

Our research focus/tracks:

Specific requirements vary depending on the area of focus, but all candidates should have strong technical skills and some experience with design, implementation, and evaluation of relevant systems.

You can apply to be:
How to apply:

Email your resume, list/description of projects and research statement to us at

*Candidates interested in research involving developing regions should be capable of (and excited to) work in the field to conduct deployments and studies.