Frequently Asked Questions

What does the editorial board do?

The Editorial Board of the Journal of Social Sciences manages the publication process. This includes three steps: first is blind review of the paper, second is voting on which articles will be published and third is working with the authors to improve their papers, both during and after the review process. Members, therefore, have mixed roles as academic editors as well as managing editors. All Social Science disciplines are represented in the Editorial Board.

What are the publications?

The NYUAD Journal of Social Sciences publishes single articles on a rolling basis on an online platform. We accept submissions at all times. We welcome original research and commentary from all social science disciplines at NYUAD without preference toward certain methodologies.

When is the submission deadline?

The journal accepts articles on a rolling basis. In adapting the framework of an electronic journal, we do not rely on deadlines for the production of paper publications.

Are submissions confidential and anonymous?

The Journal strives to ensure the confidentiality of all submissions in order to maintain an objective Editorial Process. All persons affiliated with the Journal with access to identifying information about authors or content of work prior to publication will do all within their means to protect the integrity of this information. Furthermore, all persons affiliated with the Journal should exercise discretion in sharing details of internal operations with external parties. Editors are not informed of the author’s names until a piece has been accepted for publication.

What disciplines are included in the social sciences?

We are following the division’s classification, which includes economics, political science, and social research and public policy. However, mixed-disciplinary submissions are also acceptable (such as a historical economic analysis) and we invite you to submit your manuscript even if you are unsure if it is appropriate.

How does the JSS deal with issues of academic freedom when publishing essays?

The NYUAD JSS is committed to academic freedom. From the Editors’ Introduction: “in the spirit of the university’s dedication to free academic inquiry, the NYUAD JSS will publicly circulate student research from across NYUAD”. The only type of research the Editorial Board would not publish is that which is unethical and/or did not receive the proper IRB approval. For qualitative work, the Editorial Board therefore requires proof of IRB approval. Additionally, all authors must have permission to publish the data sets they are using.

How do I get involved?

You can submit a paper or blog post to the Journal of Social Sciences or attend one of our workshops on campus. We also recruit new editors from the junior class each Fall semester for the formation of a Junior Editorial board.

How do I submit to the Journal/ NYUAD Journal of Social Sciences?

NYUAD Journal of Social Sciences accepts submissions as well as publishes on a rolling basis. You can submit to the journal at any time, by emailing your manuscript to and entering “Manuscript for Submission” in the subject line of the email. The editorial board will review your paper and get back to you with a decision and potential ways to improve your paper.

Why submit your work to the journal?

Regardless of your goals after you graduate, having published academic work is a great accomplishment that strengthens your research and editorial skills. It will serve you well both as you apply to jobs and graduate schools. Most importantly, it contributes to valuable conversations about policy and the social world around us and to our general knowledge as an academic community. Further, in addition to being featured on the NYUAD JSS website, this year the journal will be linked to online databases, like Google Scholar, so that scholars around the globe can benefit from your research and potentially cite your work.