WISSP – 2010


Workshop on Interdisciplinary Studies in Information Security and Privacy – 2010
Creating trustworthy information systems is one of the major challenges of our networked society, demanding interdisciplinary solutions that are globally robust but responsive to particular needs and constraints of different cultures. The secure systems we design will interact with legal, policy, business, and technical environments in many countries. WISSP10, hosted by New York University-Abu Dhabi, brings together an interdisciplinary and international set of researchers and practitioners to meet this challenge, including experts in the business, public administration, economic, legal and technological aspects of security and privacy.
Internationally recognized security expert Eugene Spafford will give a keynote, and Media, Culture and Communication Professor Helen Nissenbaum will give a talk on her recent book Privacy in Context: Technology, Policy, and the Integrity of Social Life. WISSP10 will foster collaboration among academics and experts with deep understanding of the non-technical issues in various nations and cultures, developing local approaches to enhancing security and privacy.
For more information about the workshop, slides and papers, please visit WISSP 10 website.

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