Research Labs

Design for Excellence Lab

Ozgur Sinanoglu heads the research team in NYU Abu Dhabi, whose main focus is the reliability and security of electronic chips. With the increasing complexity of designs, enhanced capabilities of engraving smaller transistors on silicon, and low-power, high-performance operation requirements integrated circuits are becoming more and more vulnerable to reliability and security threats.

Modern Microprocessor Architectures Lab

The Modern Microprocessors Architectures (MoMA) Lab focuses on the security and privacy of modern high-performance and embedded microprocessors. Research topics include privacy-preserving architectures, encrypted computation, industrial control systems security, and hardware security.

Cyber Security and Privacy Lab

The Cyber Security and Privacy Lab at NYU Abu Dhabi investigates the security and privacy of existing and emerging systems and networks that enable people, organizations, and industry to operate and collaborate under often large-scale cyber attacks.

Photonics Research Lab

The Photonics Research Lab is working to develop novel Photonic/Optoelectronic components for next generation optical and data communication networks. Our interest is to address limitations of communication bandwidth using novel process platforms such as silicon photonics.

Micro- and Nanoscale Bioengineering Lab

We are a diverse team of research engineers and assistants, postdocs, and graduate and undergraduate students at NYUAD, dedicated to resolving complex bioengineering challenges through our state-of-the-art facilities, and unique amalgam of skillsets.

S.M.A.R.T. Construction Research Group

The mission of this dynamic and interdisciplinary team is to conduct world-leading research that delivers innovative frameworks, methodologies, models, and tools to improve the management of the different phases in the lifecycle of construction projects, and move forward the automation and digitalization of the construction sector.

Smart City Tested

The concept of a “Smart City” is an emerging topic of research that is driven by the need to enhance the quality of life of the ever-growing number of inhabitants in urban areas. As world urbanization continually grows and the world’s population is expected to increase significantly by 2050..


The hardware security and trust area has experienced major growth over the last decade. A multitude of approaches and methodologies have been developed by researchers in academia and industry for evaluating hardware security and trust, but the effectiveness of these methods is not universally accepted..