Jason Healey on Dynamics of Cyber Conflict

In almost all areas of national security, new personnel are instructed in the importance of understanding the lessons of history in order to better tackle current issues. Yet this practice has been all but ignored when it comes to cyber. Cyber history is believed to be irrelevant as the field is constantly evolving and new technologies and methodologies emerge every day. In fact, cyber has an extensive history that reaches far beyond… Read More

Cyber Stability and Security in the Gulf: Challenges and Opportunities

This one-day conference on cybersecurity threats and opportunities in the Gulf region, is jointly hosted by the Atlantic Council’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative and NYU Abu Dhabi’s Center for Cyber Security. Recent high profile cyber breaches in the region’s finance and energy sectors have highlighted the need to focus on cybersecurity and its importance to state and economic stability. The United Arab Emirates’ unique position as an economic, energy, and transportation hub makes… Read More