Biometrics is the science of recognizing individuals based on their biological and behavioral attributes such as face, fingerprints, iris, voice, gait, etc. As biometric systems are being increasingly deployed in a number of critical applications, its vulnerabilities must be carefully analyzed and addressed. The IEEE Winter School on Security and Privacy Issues in Biometrics (WSB2017) will introduce participants to the vulnerabilities of biometric systems and discuss ways in which these vulnerabilities can be successfully mitigated. In this regard, both security and privacy aspects of biometric technology will be presented.

The school will take place from January 8 to 12, 2017, in Abu Dhabi UAE. The audience will enjoy five days of lectures, discussions, panels and lab sessions conducted by leading biometrics experts from both academia and industry. Topics will include template security, anti-spoofing techniques, privacy of soft biometrics, vulnerabilities of behavioral biometrics, etc. Modalities of study will include face, fingerprints, iris, voice and gait. The goal of the winter school is to offer participants a comprehensive understanding of the security and privacy aspects of biometric technology.

The school is co-organized by the Center for Cyber Security in New York University Abu Dhabi and the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

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