High School Forensic Challenge – CSAW 2015

Finalist Announcement!

Congratulations to UAE Finalist Teams!

Bletchley Park from GEMS Academy in Abu Dhabi and LIGHT from Delhi Private School in Dubai were our top finalists. The two teams receive dan expense-paid trip to New York City and competed in the 2015 CSAW @ NYU HSF competition in November of 2015.

We thank all the students and their mentor teachers for participating in the High School Forensics challenge. This year’s HSF competition has been one of the largest high school cyber security events in the world! We had over 35 teams from all across the UAE register for HSF’15. We hope everyone had fun and found the challenge to be a worthwhile learning activity.

Competition Finalists

Learn about this year’s exciting competitions and congratulations to the finalists!

UAE Finalist Teams

Team #1: Bletchley Park

School: GEMS Academy, Abu Dhabi
Mentor Teacher: Donald Caldwell
Students: Magnus Christensen, Egil Alexander Thomas Karlsen and Joe Baxter

Team #2: LIGHT

School: Delhi Private School , Dubai
Mentor Teacher: Ms. Shabnam Pawaney
Students: Shobhit Narayanan, Vinamr Madan and Shubham Sharma

What is the High School Forensics Challenge?

In conjunction with CRISSP-AD, the High School Forensics Challenge is open to high school student teams in the UAE.

At HSF, students work in teams of one to three (plus a mentor) to identify and analyze electronic evidence related to a crime. In the prelims, they choose from categories including network analysis, mobile forensics, live system forensics, steganography, file carving, and more, answering questions to earn points. The teams with the most points are flown to NYC to compete on­-site in the finals, where the CSAW Murder Mystery waits to be solved.

What is CSAW?

CSAW is Cyber Security Awareness Week, hosted and presented by the Department of Computer Science and Enginnering at NYU School of Enginnering

CSAW is managed by undergraduate and graduate students of the Information Systems and Internet Security Laboratory at NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, guided by university faculty and industry leaders.

Cyber Security Awareness Week (CSAW) is the largest student-run cyber security event in the USA and every year and since 2003, every year, it brings undergrad and graduate students together with academic and professional experts tomdiscuss the tools and techniques used by attackers and defenders throughout the field. Students of every academic level (from high school to doctoral) compete in a range of challenges designed to motivate and educate.

Win Big!

Prizes for competitions may include and are not limited to:

An all expense paid trip to the finals hosted in Abu Dhabi in November 2016

Cash prizes (up to 10,000 AED) for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners

Participation in the PPTP (Post Graduate Training Program)


Admittance to the coveted University Prep Summer Program

University recommendation letters

Admittance to the Industry Fair