In accordance with its vision CCS-AD has identified a number of goals in three main areas:


CCS-AD will build the capacity needed for high impact research programs in cyber security and execute multidisciplinary research in security and privacy that has both scholarly merit, and practical applications that will be commercialized. Collaborative research will be conducted by NYU and partner university faculty, and a core group of on-site researchers in Abu Dhabi, including research professors, postdocs and graduate students, in partnership with industry and government agencies.


CCS-AD will help partner institutions and agencies establish cyber security educational and training programs to address the region’s shortage of trained cyber security professionals. In carrying out its outreach activities, the center will organize conferences, workshops and awareness programs. The center will also create mechanisms to share educational offerings and knowledge resources among its partners.

Outreach and Broader Engagement

CCS-AD will serve as a regional hub that endeavors to engage with the broader community and become the source of cyber security expertise for government and local industry. It will also develop partnerships with leading technology companies and research institutions around the world to facilitate, promote, and coordinate joint education and research programs that have global impact.