Jason Healey on Dynamics of Cyber Conflict

In almost all areas of national security, new personnel are instructed in the importance of understanding the lessons of history in order to better tackle current issues. Yet this practice has been all but ignored when it comes to cyber. Cyber history is believed to be irrelevant as the field is constantly evolving and new technologies and methodologies emerge every day. In fact, cyber has an extensive history that reaches far beyond… Read More

Cyber Stability and Security in the Gulf: Challenges and Opportunities

This one-day conference on cybersecurity threats and opportunities in the Gulf region, is jointly hosted by the Atlantic Council’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative and NYU Abu Dhabi’s Center for Cyber Security. Recent high profile cyber breaches in the region’s finance and energy sectors have highlighted the need to focus on cybersecurity and its importance to state and economic stability. The United Arab Emirates’ unique position as an economic, energy, and transportation hub makes… Read More

CSAW’14 – High School Forensics Challenge

Finalist Announcement! Congratulations to UAE Finalist Teams! Caerus from Emirates International School Meadows in Dubai and the team from Delhi Private School in Dubai were our top finalists.  The two teams received dan expense-paid trip to New York City and competed in the 2015 CSAW @ NYU HSF competition in November of 2014. We thank all the students and their mentor teachers for participating in the High School Forensics challenge.  This year’s HSF… Read More

Regional Security Day – 2014

CCS-AD hosted a day long research round table to develop a cyber security research agenda that focused on problems that are most relevant to the region. To make the region a leader in the cyber security area, the round table explored concrete collaborative research projects that can engage leading cyber security researchers in the region, including researchers from Qatar, KSA, Jordan, Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey. The discussion touched on a wide variety… Read More

Cyber Security Panel Discussion

On March 10th, CCS-AD organized a panel discussion at the 2nd International IT Conference 2014. The panel was moderated by Dr. Mustaque Ahamad and entitled Looking Ahead: Cyber Security Challenges and Opportunities. The panelists included: Dr. Mahir Nayfeh, VP at Booz Allen Hamilton, Dr. Iyad Rahwen, Associate Professor at Masdar Institute of Technology, and Ajit Naidu, CIO of Mubadala. Prior to the discussion Dr. Nayfeh gave a talk on predictive and proactive… Read More

UAE Security Day – 2013

CCS-AD has been working in the past year to develop a high quality research program that addresses challenges relevant to the UAE and the region. To address this goal CRISSP-AD is organizing a day long meeting to explore research collaborations among researchers in UAE universities who work in the broad field of cyber security and privacy. The goal of this meeting is to develop ambitious and high impact research projects and to… Read More

CSAW’13 – High School Forensic Challenge

  Congratulations to UAE finalist teams ‘Ins0mnia’ from Emirates International School Meadows, and ‘Bitfield’ from The Indian High School! The two teams received an expense-paid trip to New York City to compete in the 2013 CSAW @ NYU HSF competition finals on November 15, 2013.  Both teams were performed very well and ranked right after the top three teams among 12 competing teams. We thank all the students and their mentor teachers… Read More

Do You Trust Your Chip Workshop – 2013

The 2nd Do You Trust Your Chip workshop, sponsored by CCS-AD, focused on Hardware Security. Experts from industry (Intel, IBM, SRC) and academia (Carnegie Mellon, Duke University, University of Texas at Dallas etc.) presented the latest advancements in the field of Hardware Security. Topics ranged from Secure cloud computing to Detection of counterfeit IC electronics, providing a wide variety of new topics to the audience.   Organized by Michail Maniatakos, Assistant Professor of… Read More

Inaugural Workshop – 2013

CCS-AD has been established to facilitate cyber security research, education and practice in the UAE. In its inaugural workshop, CRISSP-AD hosts cyber security experts from government and industry as well as academics from leading institutions of the region, to address emerging threats in cyber security and how the various stakeholders can work together to address them. In addition to developing a collaborative research agenda, the workshop also focuses on developing human capital in… Read More

WISSP – 2010

Summary Workshop on Interdisciplinary Studies in Information Security and Privacy – 2010 Creating trustworthy information systems is one of the major challenges of our networked society, demanding interdisciplinary solutions that are globally robust but responsive to particular needs and constraints of different cultures. The secure systems we design will interact with legal, policy, business, and technical environments in many countries. WISSP10, hosted by New York University-Abu Dhabi, brings together an interdisciplinary and… Read More