CITIES’ Post-graduation Research Fellowship

The CITIES’ Post-graduation Research Fellowship in the Center of Interacting Urban Networks (CITIEs) at NYU Abu Dhabi is designed to support an exceptional NYUAD graduating senior by providing a competitive opportunity for a prestigious one-year fellowship at NYUAD. This fellowship aims to encourage ingenuity in research pursuit, retain outstanding academic talent within the region, and contribute to the growth and development of research in the UAE. It is an excellent opportunity for students to explore research directions and graduate school possibilities, specifically in the area of urban science, spanning disciplines from Engineering, through Computer Science, Sociology, History, and the Arts. 

The first CITIES fellow was appointed in AY 19-20. Thanks to their talent and to the fellowship experience, they were accepted to the University of California Berkeley and MIT to pursue their Ph.D.  

In AY 21-22, CITIES will open its third call for applications. Applications should be aligned with CITIES’ vision and mission. All projects related to Urban Science would be welcome. Projects that have an NYUAD community engagement perspective (e.g. through data collection and other initiatives) are particularly encouraged.