Center fоr Interacting Urban Networks

CITIES’ Digital Initiatives

Investigating the Development and Use Case of Digital Twins for the Built Environment, An Accuracy and NYUAD Collaboration (2021 – ongoing)

Principal Investigator: Borja Garcia de Soto and NYUAD Undergraduate Student Research Assistants

Director: Juan Saez
Senior Manager: Zulema Sanchis
Analyst: Ali Ezzeddine

The overarching objective of this project is to assess the benefits of a building’s Digital Twin (DT) and map out the use cases of the developed model. To achieve this goal, a prototype DT will be developed in collaboration between Accuracy and CITIES at NYUAD. The prototype will be developed and tested on the NYUAD campus, specifically using the space for CITIES. The impact of this research on the body of knowledge is the assessment of the use case of digital technologies, such as DTs, in the built environment. To this extent, the project will focus on the benefits of DTs from a social and environmental aspect. On a macro level, the project will assess how the developed prototype could be scaled to a building and city level. The project will also look into the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of using DTs at different levels while exploiting the methods for this development.

Major achievements:

  • Investigation of different technologies to capture point cloud data for the generation of the digital twin
  • Integration of 3D point cloud data into game engine to test different configurations
  • Investigation of ways to show (near) real-time occupancy from physical to digital environments

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