Center fоr Interacting Urban Networks

Inventions and Creative Productions

  • Celik, K., Hay, R., Singh, I., Krishnan, P., Simonetti, D.A, Sant, G., Prentice, D., Bustillos, S., La Plante, E., Wang, B.
    Synthetic brucite and calcium carbonate production from industrial waste brines and applications, Invention Disclosure submitted to New York University – Office of Industrial Liaison/Technology Transfer and University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) Technology Development Group, UCLA Case #2021-326
  • Sharma, S., Singh, S., Rajagopal, A.
    Website: ‘How Mumbai Travels to Work-Cities Project’
    This website is a form of a creative output which is based on academic research and it is constantly updated. 
  • Puccetti, G., Collins, E. & Olson, J.
    Tahwheel: Designing Cultural Expression for a Changing World
    The project, which began as a student response to a Re-Design class project (taught by Goffredo Puccetti), was expanded on and refined by researchers Judith Olson and Erin Collins. The design produced will be submitted for patent with the confirmed support of NYU’s Office of Industrial Liaison and published.

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