Understanding the Critical Role of the Business Model Canvas

CITIES Workshop in Collaboration with Prof. Uwe W. Schulz

Switzerland has been rated #1 in the global innovation index for a decade. The
Global Innovation Index 2021 captures the innovation ecosystem performance of 132
economies and tracks the most recent global innovation trends. Technological
progress at the frontier holds substantial promise. The rapid development of COVID-
19 vaccines powerfully demonstrate this promise. There is also continued progress
in other technology fields – such as ICTs and renewable energy – that has the
potential to raise standards of living, improve human health and protect the

In this workshop, participants will be introduced to “Invention” vs “Innovation” and the
“Valley of Death” between Academia and Industry. Understanding that to be
successful, innovation specifically involves commercialization, the power of a
business model becomes clear.

Two examples of Swiss enterprises; Nespresso and Bossard will be analyzed to
experience similarities and differences between a product-focused innovation vs a
service business. After this workshop, students will be able to apply the Business
Model Canvas to their own situation.