Hackathon 2018 Winners

First Place – Shared Winners

Dawa دواء ;

Description:Tackling counterfeit drugs in the region using blockchain based pharmaceutical distribution

Mentor: Saif ur Rehman Cloud Developer Advocate IBM, UAE; Saeed Motamed Technology Solution Professional Microsoft,UAE; Naiyarah Hussain IBM Cloud Developer Experience Team Lead, UAE.

Students: Brian Shin (NYUAD, UAE), Nadjmeddine Boudjellal (M’sila university, Algeria), Ali Elabridi (Al Akhawayn University, Morocco), Rowan Omar (Misr International University, Egypt) Priya Aswani (University of Wollongong In Dubai, UAE), Simon Seo (NYUAD, UAE), Rewant Verma,(BITS Pilani Dubai Campus, UAE), Abdullah Zameek (NYUAD, UAE)

Code and Presentation

Boosala بوصلة/

Description:Bring the lost home.

Mentor: Nikita Mathur, Cloud Developer Advocate, IBM, UAE; Varun Arora, Executive Director, OpenCurriculum; Khalid Machchate, CEO, Kandw Technologies International
, Morocco

Students: Said Ziani (University: University of Science and Technology Houari, Boumediane, Algeria), Ashley Chen (NYU, USA), Madeleine Barowsky (Wellesley College, USA), Romeno Fernando (NYUAD,UAE), Mohammad Madine (Khalifa University, UAE), Ramy Kader (ESPRIT, Anel Orazgaliyeva (NYUAD, UAE)

Code and Presentation

Second Place

Huwayeti هويتي
My Identity

Description: A blockchain-based layer on top of UNHCR refugee registration to manage trusted agents’ claims made about refugees

Mentor: Hussam Mohsineh CEO, UAE; Keeley Erhardt Software Engineer Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)/Improbable, UK/US

Students: Jihyun Kim (NYUAD, UAE), Seyed Mohammad Ahlesaadat (NYUAD, UAE), Alan Liu (Yale University USA), Seongun Si (NYUAD, UAE), Oorja Majgaonkar (NYUAD, UAE), Sourabh Lal (École polytechnique fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland)

Code and Presentation

Third Place

MedLughati مد لغتي
My Medical Language

Description: MedLughati is a platform that assists refugees and asylum seekers in communicating with healthcare professionals using machine learning and natural language processing.

Mentor: Farah Shamout, PHD Student University of Oxford, UK; Miguel Sanchez, Software Engineer, Facebook UK

Students: Ahmed Mahdy (Khalifa University,Egypt), Sophia Sanchez (Stanford University, USA), Martín Volpe, (University of Buenos Aires, Argentina), Fares Al Ghazy (University of Wollongong Dubai, UAE), Shuyu Lin (University of Oxford, UK), Alina Zaidi (BITS Pilani Dubai Campus, UAE)

Code and Presentation

Audience Award

Wadhafni وظفني
Hire Me

Description: Hire Me / وظفني is an SMS-based mobile app that links unemployed skilled individuals with the local labor market on a tasks-accomplishment basis.

Mentor: Abir Chermiti Software Engineer Think.iT, Tunisia; Fabricio Pontes Harsich Software Engineer Google, Argentina / USA

Students: Elena Lape(The University of Edinburgh, UK), Tianyi “Bill” Zheng (NYU Shanghai, China) Rohit Vaddi (Middlesex University Dubai, UAE), Shantanu Jain (NYUAD, UAE), Sohail Ahmed (Middlesex University Dubai, UAE), Walid Ijassi (ENSAM Casablanca – University Hassan 2, Casablanca)

Code and Presentation



Insahny انصحني

Description:Collecting in-class live metrics of student participation using Emotion AI and affordable interactive technology to provide better feedback for decentralized refugee camp teachers and schools

Mentor: Kassem Wridan Software Engineer, Mobile Platform, iOS Bloomberg; Chakshu Ahuja, Software Engineer, X2AI; Radwa Hamed Soliman, Software Engineer, Affectiva Inc.

Students: Lokesh Bhatia(University of Wollongong, Dubai), Merwan Ghomrani (High National School of Computer Science Oued Smar, Algiers), Mohamad El-Ghali (American University of Beirut, Lebanon), Ugwuoke Nnamdi Valbosco (Manipal University Dubai, UAE), Kholoud Ameen (Palestine Technical University, Palestine), Iva Tomevska (NYUAD, UAE)

Code and Presentation


Small Planet

Description:A goal based activity game that bridges the physical and digital world to positively influence good habits in children.

Mentor: Hananah Ghibeh Strategy Consultant IBM, UAE; Hanan Tbaileh Software developer ,Palestinian Telecommunication Company (PALTEL), Palestine; Ayman Farhat, Customer Solutions Engineer, Google, UAE

Students: Lauren McMillen (NYUAD, UAE), Ramzi Rabah Hazila (M’hamed Bougara, Algeria), Eshwaran Venkat (BITS Pilani Dubai Campus), Navya Suri (NYUAD, UAE), Ahmed AbuSnaina (An-Najah National University, Palestine), Doaa Ali (Al Ain University of Science and Technology, UAE), Maryam Shalaby (Cairo University, Egypt)

Additional Team Members: Zayneb Cherif (MESMS, UAE – Grade 6) and Ahmed Cherif (Mohansic, UAE – Grade 3)

Code and Presentation


Sawa  سوا


Description: An AI-assisted chat app to integrate refugees in their new communities by connecting them to locals who want to learn colloquial Arabic.

Mentor:Lingliang Zhang, Software Engineer,; Siddhant Sanyam, Software Engineer, Facebook; Alex Erdmann, Research Assistant, Ohio State University and New York University Abu Dhabi

Students: Wendi Li (NYUAD, UAE), Munachiso Nwadike (NYUAD, UAE), Raheem Muiz Olalekan (University of Ilorin, Nigeria) Nadah Feteih (University of California, San Diego, USA), Asala Al-Tawiel – (Jordan University of Science and Technology, Jordan), Dogukan Avci (NYUAD, UAE), Bishoy Boshra Labib Girgis (The American University in Cairo, Egypt)

Code and Presentation


ShoofChef شوف شاف

Description:A mobile app that transforms Arabic menus to gorgeous visualizations to help tourists in their exotic local food selection..

Mentor: Nariman Ammar Assistant Professor, BirZeit University, Palestine; Sama Kanbour, Sama Kanbour Associate Auditor, General Electric, Iraq/USA; Stephen Lang User Experience Designer Cornell Tech, USA

Students: Rania Fekih (National Institute of Applied Science and Technology, Tunisia), Noor Naqvi (Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Spain), Rumail Ali Memon (NYU Abu Dhabi, UAE).

Code and Presentation


Tataoua  تطوع

Description: Competitive Volunteering League for Companies.

Mentor:Leila Chan Currie, Software Engineer Google; Shaila Pervin, Research Staff Member IBM

Students: Alex Yue (Princeton University, United States) Handaoui Mohamed (Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Informatique, Algeria) Jesutofunmi Kupoluyi (NYUAD UAE), Jumana Sad (Birzeit University, Palestine), Maria Jaramillo (NYUAD, UAE), Mohamed Adel Abdou Abdelazim (‎AASTMT, Egypt), Nurpeiis Baimukan, (NYUAD< UAE)

Code and Presentation