HuKamaa حكماء

Description: a platform to engage the elderly to realize their full capacity in today’s society

Mentors: Diana Kris Navarro (USA, Tumblr, Software engineer) & Kassem Wridan (Lebanon, United Kingdom, Bloomberg, iOS engineer)

Students: Haneen Fathy (Egypt, UAE, NYUAD, Student ), Jung Soo Ha (South Korea, NYU Abu Dhabi), Fathurur Said (Indonesia, UAE, NYUAD), Nurpeiis Baimukan (Kazakhstan and UAE, New York University Abu Dhabi), Kaustubh Hiware (India, IIT Kharagpur) & Yung Ju Rick Kim (, South Korea, UAE, NYUAD)

Code and Presentation

Madeed مديد

Description: the richest Arabic translation in the palm of your hands

Mentors: Tina Chan (Microsoft, Business Development, Taiwan) & Yohan Rizk (Google, Software Engineer, Egypt)

Students: Hamzeh Amayreh (Birzeit University, Palestine), Jia Bokang (NYUAD, UAE), Ali Shazal (NYUAD, UAE), Anushree Agrawal (Yale University, USA), Aaminah Khan (Khalifa University, UAE), Zayneb Cherif (USA), & Hamza Kamel Laggoune (USTHB, Algeria)
Code and Presentation

Helping Hands يد العون

Description: a web application that helps coordinate donations to people in need in times of crisis

Mentors: Yamama Shaka’a (Palestine, An-Najah National University, teaching assistant and web developer) & Brian Chuk (USA, Squarespace, Frontend Software Engineer)

Students: Aymen Bennour (Algeria, University of Abou Bekr Belkaïd), Daniel De Waard (Austrailia, Monash University), Omar Maktabi (UAE, Ajman University), Mariam Alghfeli (UAE, UAE University), Omar Hafez Mustafa (UAE, Ajman University), & Al-Farouk Ahmed (Egypt, Arab Academy for Science, Technology, and Maritime Transport Smart Village Campus)

Code and Presentation

FoodSavour واكلني

Description: incentivizing grocery stores to minimize food waste through discounting items that would otherwise be thrown away

Mentors: Keeley Erhardt (USA, UK, Improbable, Software Engineer) & Khalid Machchate (Morocco, Kandw Tech, CEO) & Poseidon Ho (Taiwan, USA, #OUTLIERS, Managing Partner)

Students: Zijie Lu (Shanghai, China), Ray Hsu (Taiwan), Barkin Simsek (Turkey, UAE, NYUAD), & Sion Hau (Australia, UAE, NYUAD)

Code and Presentation

Haneen حنين

Description: a mobile solution that helps native Arabs living in multicultural cities type in Arabic

Mentors: Mohamad Al Sayadi (Syria/UAE, IBM, Cloud Garage Developer Sama) & Kanbour (France/Qatar, GE, Associate Auditor)

StudentsRawand Deheliah (, Palestine/Palestine, An-najah University), Jayroop Ramesh (India/UAE, American University of Sharjah), Vikram Sakkia (India/UAE, American University of Sharjah) & Estelle Ocran (Ghana/UAE, New York University Abu Dhabi)

Code and Presentation

MyCoin- عملتي

Description: Reward system for people responsibly throwing trash saving the environment

Mentors: Manoj Parihar (India/US, Amazon SDE) & Chandni Vaya (India, UAE, IBM, Developer Advocate)

Students: Deniz Gokten (Turkey/UAE, NYUAD), Brahim Kellou (Algeria/Algeria, Ecole nationale Supérieure d’Informatique), Magda Guńková (Czech Republic/UAE, NYUAD), Prajjwal Bhattarai (Nepal/UAE, NYUAD), Rania Aloun (Jordan – Jordan, Jordan University of science and technology)

Code and Presentation

(AR)t (أر(ت

Description: The Problem: short attention span preventing museum visitors to absorb information and learn about art as a vehicle of politicalmovement, history, and social contexts. Our solution: AR with a proximity triggered customized supplementary information set will question visitors and provoke discussions.

Mentors: Miriana Itani & Peter Lockarenkul

Students: Ammar Ayman Battah, Anna Banasik, Ather Fawaz, Forat Bahrani, Mouhammed El Zaart

Code and Presentation

Darris Huna درس هنا

Description: In war zones and natural disasters many schools are destroyed, so we propose a an SMS based coordination system to enable locals to provide teachers with a venue to teach their classes.

Mentors: Islam El-Ashi (Palestine, Egypt, Elkrem, Cofounder) & Sourabh Lal (India, Switzerland, EPFL & GitHub, Student & GitHub Campus Expert)

Students: Omnia Zakaria (Egypt, Egypt, Cairo University), Omar Almansoori (UAE, UAE, Khalifa University, Student), Mohamed Anwar (Egypt, Egypt, Cairo University), Shusanta Bhattarai (Nepal, USA, Washington State University) & Zeina Saadeddin (Palestine, Palestine, Arab American University of Palestine)

Code and Presentation

On The Road عالطريق

Description: warn commuters in Palestine about areas of conflicts or checkpoints

Mentor: Adi Azulay (Microsoft – Design Developer) & Martín Volpe (Celo – Partner, Engineer)

Students: Najeeb Aqel (An-najah National University, Palestine), Mohammed Adib Oumer (NYUAD, UAE), Mohammad Mohey Eddin (BirZeit University, Palestine), Masa Hilal Abushamleh (University of Sharjah, UAE) & Masha Gorkovenko (Stanford University, USA)

Code and Presentation

Boushra بشرى

Description: provide victims of domestic abuse an anonymous AI powered assistant for legal and emotional support

Mentors: Alaa El Hariri (, Hedgeguard, Lebanon) & Fabricio Pontes Harsich (, Google, Argentina / USA)

Students: Adlane Hichem Briki (Algeria, University of M’hamed Bougara), Ahmed Khalifa (Menoufia University), Alyssa Yu (Philippines, NYU Abu Dhabi), Amal Al-Khulaifi (Kuwait, AUM (American University of the Middle East)), Oubouhou Rachid (Morocco, Ecole des sciences de ), Sean Sullivan (USA, Harvard University) & Tobias Lichtig (Argentina, UBA)

Code and Presentation

MediKate ميديكيت

Description: Clinical assistance for healthcare practitioners to manage medical process of the patients during their stay in hospital

Mentors: Leanne Dsouza (Dubai, Accenture) & Saif Ahmed (Egypt, WideBot)

Students: Tanishq Rupaal (Dubai, Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani, Dubai Campus), Fatima Issa (American University of Beirut) & Hanaa Ouannas (Algeria University: Medicine faculty of Algiers)

Code and Presentation

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