Hackathon 2015 – Mentors

  • Alaa Shaheen (Software Engineer, Palestine)
  • Aurelia Moser (Map Scientist + Developer, CartoDB, USA),
  • Abdallah Zoubir Ourad (Computer Engineer, Khalifa University, France)
  • Abed El Karim Halawi (Tech Lead, Vinelab, Lebanon)
  • Adrian Vatchinsky (Software Developer, Cornell Tech, USA)
  • Ahmed Ali (Senior Software Engineer, Qatar Computing Research Institute, Qatar)
  • Anas Shahrour (Research Assistant at NYU Abu Dhabi, Jordan)
  • Anqi Angela Zhang (Software Engineer, Quora, USA)
  • Ayah Soufan ( Software Quality Assurance Engineer, Fnarsoft, Palestine)
  • Ayman Farhat (Software Engineer, Lebanon)
  • Ayman Awartani (Project Manager for Product Line Engineering, Harri.com, Palestine)
  • Clair Seager (Software Engineer, Nomi, USA)
  • Fatma Zohra Djoudjou (Software Developer, Ericsson, Algeria)
  • Geoffrey Litt (Software Engineer, USA)
  • Guilherme Santos (Software Engineer, Buddycloud, Brazil)
  • Dr. Hieu Hoang (Research Scientist, NYU Abu Dhabi)
  • Henok Getachew Alemayehu (Software Developer, Medic Mobile, Ethiopia)
  • Houda Bouamor (Special Faculty-Senior Scientist, Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, Tunisia),
  • Hussam Mohsineh (Advisor, Power of Art Startup Consultancy, UAE)
  • Julia Winn (Product Designer, Ginger.io, USA)
  • Katy Blumer (Software Engineer at Google, USA)
  • Ken Leland (Co-founder, Upswerve, USA), Kartik Mandaville (CTO, SpringRole, USA)
  • Mikhail Oparin (Ph.D. Candidate, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, RUS)
  • Mona Demaidi (Co-founder and CTO at M&M Innovators, Palestine)
  • Mohamed Mansour (Software Engineer, Microsoft, USA)
  • Nizar Habash (Professor at NYU Abu Dhabi, USA)
  • Nyokabi Njugana (Founder and Executive Director, Impacting Youth Trust, Kenya)
  • Oleksandr Stubailo (Core Developer, Meteor Development Group, USA)
  • Piotr Galar (Software Engineer, Puomi, Poland)
  • Rabeb Othmani (Software Engineer, Microsoft, Tunisia)
  • Rasha Rasem (Web Developer, Palestinian)
  • Razan Qraini (Software Developer, Turnkey Solutions, Palestine)
  • Salam Khalifa (Research Assistant, NYU Abu Dhabi, UAE)
  • Saira Qureshi (Data Systems Manager, The Earth Institute, USA)
  • Seth Thompson (Project Manager, Google, USA)
  • Stephen Lang (Senior UI/UX Designer, Arccos, USA)
  • Thierry Sans (Assistant Professor, French), Arkadiy Kukarkin (Software Engineer, Russian)
  • Yassine Karmouche (Web and Mobile Apps Project Manager, Méditel – Orange Group, Morocco)
  • Event Details

    April 10-12, 2015
    Arriving on Thursday April 9 and Leaving on Monday April 13.
    New York University Abu Dhabi (NYUAD) Downtown Campus
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