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حكيمي (hakee.me)

First Place Winners


Description: A wearable device to monitor construction worker health. Provides anonymized reports of working conditions to governments / third party monitors and can provide warnings to workers if they are getting dehydrated or getting too much sun.

Mentors: Katy Blumer (Software Engineer at Google, USA), Anas Shahrour (Research Assistant at NYU Abu Dhabi, Jordan), Ayman Farhat (Software Engineer, Lebanon)

Students: Farah Shamout (NYU Abu Dhabi, Jordan), Martin Slosarik (NYU Abu Dhabi, Slovakia), Tony Lin (NYU Abu Dhabi, Taiwan), Nora Benson (University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, USA), Agoune Juba (Ecole nationale Supérieure d’Informatique, Algeria), Badreddine Zebbich (Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineering IGEE Ex.INELEC, Algeria), Hajrah Jahan (Manipal University, UAE), Mohamed-Zakariae EL KHDIME (Ibn Tofail University, Morocco), Hassan Bello (University of Wollongong in Dubai, UAE), Dora Palfi (NYU Abu Dhabi, Hungary), Saif Rehman (University of Sharjah, UAE), Malak Milhem (Yarmouk University, Jordon)


ترجمني (TranslateTube)

Second Place


Description: TranslateTube is a crowdsourced voiceover translation service for existing video content.

Students: Khouloud Sahli (National School for Computer Science, Tunisia), Krishna Chaitanya Aluru (Brown University, India), Andrej Maris (Imperial College London, Slovakia), Jiadong Du (NYU Shanghai, China), Mark Surnin (NYU Abu Dhabi, Russian Federation), Dana Abu Ali (NYU Abu Dhabi, Jordan)

Mentors: Rasha Rasem (Web Developer, Palestinian), Thierry Sans (Assistant Professor, French), Arkadiy Kukarkin (Software Engineer, Russian)



Third Place


Description: An open world Farmville-like game where the resources can only be earned through doing real-life environmental activities. In order to let children understand the issues and actively engage in making changes in their real life, we believe gamification is the best way.

Students: Yan Zou (Rock) (NYU Abu Dhabi, Chinese), Julia Xu (NYU Abu Dhabi, Canada), Yaser Omar Abdelaziz (Helwan University, Egypt)

Mentors: Hussam Mohsineh (Advisor, Power of Art Startup Consultancy, UAE)


ارشدني (GuideMe)

Audience Choice


Description: Increasing awareness for labor laws in the Arab world while providing analytics on the platform’s impact.

Students: Stephanie Coleen (Maniple University Dubai, India), Leanne D’souza (Middlesex University Dubai, India), Pranav Gokhale (Princeton University, USA), Calvin Chan (UCLA, USA), Pranav Maddi (Yale University, USA), Malak Milhem (Yarmouk University, Jordan), Dina Ashraf Mohamed (Cairo University, Egypt)

Mentors: Stephen Lang (Senior UI/UX Designer, Arccos, USA), Mona Demaidi (Co-founder and CTO at M&M Innovators, Palestine)



Description: SMS platform that provides a language agnostic bulletin board to enable lost refugees to safely reconnect with their loved ones

Students: Jocelyn Schulz (New York University, USA), Joe Jean (NYU Abu Dhabi, Haiti), Adrian Soghoian (Cornell Tech, USA), Ali Zeineddine (AUB, Lebanon), Peter Hadvab (NYU Abu Dhabi, Slovakia), Abhimanyu Vasishth (NYU Abu Dhabi, India), Wafa Ayad (University of Sciences and Technology Houari Boumediene, Algeria), Diala Alabsi (University of Sharjah, Syrian)

Mentors: Adrian Vatchinsky (Software Developer, Cornell Tech, USA), Fatma Zohra Djoudjou (Software Developer, Ericsson, Algeria), Abed El Karim Halawi (Tech Lead, Vinelab, Lebanon)


مكاني (handiPark)

Description: An app that helps handicap people to find the nearest handicap parking, report parking violators or lack of maintenance.

Students: Ahmad Mohammad (Khalifa University, Egypt), Fahad Bader (Saudi Electronic University, Saudi), Hanan Haddad (University of Sharjah, Palestine), Balsam Alkouz (University of Sharjah, Jordan), Saeed Abdallah (University of Sharjah, Iran)

Mentors: Razan Qraini (Software Developer, Turnkey Solutions, Palestine), Anqi Angela Zhang (Software Engineer, Quora, USA), Abdallah Zoubir Ourad (Computer Engineer, Khalifa University, France)


Qarsan (Pirate)

Description: A decentralized mobile app based off bittorent and Tor, allowing citizen reporting to a news portal that is hosted by everyone who installs the app. It is uncensorable, un-DDoS-able and will amplify the true voice of the population.

Students: Michael Weingert (Stanford, Canada), Asyrique Thevendran (NYU Abu Dhabi, Malaysia), Muhammad Zaman (Lahore University of Management Sciences, Pakistan), Amn Rahman (MIT, Pakistan), Brooke Hopkins (NYU Abu Dhabi, USA), Ya-Chen Chang (Masdar Institute, Taiwan), Erin McMahon (Columbia University, USA)

Mentors: Aurelia Moser (Map Scientist + Developer, CartoDB, USA), Seth Thompson (Project Manager, Google, USA)



Description: Dalila is a Chrome extension that utilizes cutting edge natural language processing (NLP) research to help learners of Arabic and Arabic dialects by providing dialectal word analysis and definitions.

Students: Hiba Bejaoui (High Private School of Engineering and Technologies, Tunisian), Sara Rashed Al Kendi (UAE University, UAE), Fatima Al Neyadi (UAE University, UAE), Maeda Hanafi (NYU Abu Dhabi, USA)

Mentors: Nizar Habash (Professor at NYU Abu Dhabi, USA), Ayah Soufan ( Software Quality Assurance Engineer, Fnarsoft, Palestine), Clair Seager (Software Engineer, Nomi, USA), Houda Bouamor (Special Faculty-Senior Scientist, Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, Tunisia), Salam Khalifa (Research Assistant, NYU Abu Dhabi, UAE), Ayman Awartani (Project Manager for Product Line Engineering, Harri.com, Palestine)



Description: Most people focus on negative Arabic content, and we would like to change this by creating a website that collects happy stories from users or from Twitter and their reactions to these stories, in order to cheer them up and shed light on the happy content in the Arabic world.

Students: Paula-Valentina Dozsa (NYU Abu Dhabi, Romanian Russian), Abdelrahman Al Harahsheh (UAE University, Jordan), Jumana Sultan (University of Petra, Jordan)

Mentors: Geoffrey Litt (Software Engineer, USA), Alaa Shaheen (Software Engineer, Palestine), Ahmed Ali (Senior Software Engineer, Qatar Computing Research Institute, Qatar), Dr. Hieu Hoang (Research Scientist, NYU Abu Dhabi)



Description: An integrated news platform that will give users a different experience by allowing the local people to share their views and opinions about the events in their region and how they are covered by the media. This posts will be authenticated through a voting process where only the local people will vote on whether the related posts are true or false.This process will help in reducing the biases that may exist and the readers can get the closest version to the true story.

Students: Takieddine Bouyoucef (Institute of Electrical and Elctronics Engineering ex INELEC – Boumerdes University, Algeria), Nesrine Chalouah (National School of Computer Science University of Manouba, Tunisia), Jihed Khiari (National School of Computer Science University of Manouba, Tunisia), Yasmine Abobakr (Cairo University, Egypt), Ahmed Genaidy (Ain Shams University, Egypt), Marc El Achkar (American University of Beirut, Lebanon)

Mentors: Mikhail Oparin (Ph.D. Candidate, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, RUS), Nyokabi Njugana (Founder and Executive Director, Impacting Youth Trust, Kenya)


عراسي (Heads Up Arabic)

Description: An open source mobile game where people can act out different words with a friend to learn English and Arabic. Players can add their own words and categories online.

Students: Meriem Chehih (National Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Algeria), Lidia Daniela Jeronimo Sanchez (Tecnologico de Estudios Superiores de Coacalco, Mexico), Mohammed Mubarak Al Tamimi (UAE University, UAE), Rihab el Houda Djabou (Mohamed el Bachir El Ibrahimi Bordj Bou Arreridj, Algeria), Kong Huang (NYU, USA)

Mentors: Rabeb Othmani (Software Engineer, Microsoft, Tunisia), Oleksandr Stubailo (Core Developer, Meteor Development Group, USA), Henok Getachew Alemayehu (Software Developer, Medic Mobile, Ethiopia),



Description: A mobile app for tourists to ask questions and locals to answer them to receive payment on a first come first serve basis.

Students: Sama Kanbour (Carnegie Mellon University Qatar, France), Abderrahmane Melhaoui (Ecole Mohammadia d’Ingenieurs, Morocco), Jihyun Kim (Stella) (NYU Abu Dhabi, South Korea), Chien Chen (Masdar Institute, Taiwan), Areg Karapetyan (Masdar Institute, Armenia), Izzedeen Ben Khadra (University of Petra, Jordan)

Mentors: Ken Leland (Co-founder, Upswerve, USA), Kartik Mandaville (CTO, SpringRole, USA), Yassine Karmouche (Web and Mobile Apps Project Manager, Méditel – Orange Group, Morocco)


SingleDrop (Qataret Haya)

Description: An efficient system for hospitals to connect to blood donors. Donors can register via an application and this information is put in a database accessible to hospitals. Hospitals can access eligible donors based on blood type and location.

Students: Raman Srivastava (Manipal University, UAE), Pooja Biswas (Manipal University, UAE), Vaishali Harish (Manipal University, UAE), Layan Abu Yassin (NYUAD, UAE), Mariem Ghezali (Ecole nationale superiure d’informatique), Zbynek Stara (NYUAD, UAE), (Mathieu Michel, Gymnase de Chamblades, Switzerland), Muaz Ahmed (NYUAD, Pakistan), Shehroze Khan (NYUAD, Pakistan),Bernat Moix Alcaraz (Universitat Politechnica de Catalunya – BarcelonaTech, Spain)

Mentors: Saira Qureshi (Data Systems Manager, The Earth Institute, USA), Julia Winn (Product Designer, Ginger.io, USA), Guilherme Santos (Software Engineer, Buddycloud, Brazil), Piotr Galar (Software Engineer, Puomi, Poland), Mohamed Mansour (Software Engineer, Microsoft, USA)

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